Coffee tables are a common feature in every living room. People use coffee tables to bring together the design and aesthetic of the room. Creative and artsy coffee tables are the center of attention in any room. Most coffee tables end up as the dumping spot for magazines, newspapers, remote controls, house keys, and other items despite their intended purpose.

We have practical, fun, and creative ideas to help you decorate your coffee table. Read on to discover tips that will help you style your coffee table.

  1. Asymmetrical objects

A chic way to style your living room coffee table is creatively experimenting with objects of different proportions. You can arrange centerpieces of different sizes and shapes next to each other. Using asymmetrical objects creates an unusual and creative flair to your style.

  1. Add a pop of color

Use a pop of colors to brighten the space. A bright pop of color livens up any space. One solid color or a combination of colors will lift the mood of the room. A colorful centerpiece will be ideal if you have monochromatic or dark furniture. Try out different colors or use a bright flower arrangement.

  1. Keep it simple

You could also keep it simple by using a bowl of fruits or scented candles. Simple objects will keep your coffee table and space looking effortlessly classy. Using significant but minimal items will make a great impression on your guests. Remember, simplicity is always in style.

  1. DIY your centerpieces

Bring out your artistic side by designing your centerpieces. You can turn an ordinary coffee table into a piece of art by using DIY products. The table will be unique as well as showcase your art in a fun and exciting way.

  1. Buy a two-tiered glass coffee table

You could quickly clutter your coffee table with items. If you need extra space to organize all your things, try a two-tiered glass coffee table. You can organize magazines on the bottom level and arrange the centerpiece on the top level.

  1. Showcase your interests

You can use your coffee table to showcase your interests. If you love to travel, you can arrange souvenirs and trinkets that you brought from your travels. You can place mementos of your favorite hobby. Make sure to play around with different objects and do not overcrowd the table.

  1. Use green plants

Add green plants as a centerpiece. Green live plants such as succulents instantly elevate the energy in a room. You can use small plant pots for your coffee table. Green plants are sure to add a natural element to your space.

  1. Use fresh flowers

Use fresh flowers to rejuvenate your living space. A fresh bouquet is a time-proven decorating idea. Fresh flowers will add a lovely fragrance and bright color to the room. You can use a creative flower vase or table tray to complement the flowers.

  1. Use organic items

Using organic items is a fun way to bring natural charm into your space. You can find organic items outdoors that, when used creatively, create a fresh feel to your room. You can arrange small stones and houseplants on the coffee table. Changing the house plants with the seasons will maintain an outdoor feeling.

  1. Choose one centerpiece

Use one showpiece to make a style statement. Choose an elegant piece and make it the focus of attention on the coffee table. Using one show-stopping piece will give a neat look to the room.

  1. Take a maximalist approach

Pairing plenty of things that complement each other will make your table stand out. You can craft a classy table by creatively arranging some candles, art pieces, books, and magazines. Add a colorful bouquet or plant to finish the look.

  1. Use table trays

Include table trays in your centerpiece arrangements. Table trays come in various styles and colors and add a feeling of sophistication to the room. You can use the tray to hold the centerpiece, place some ornaments or pinecones for a fun and exciting look.

  1. Stack up colorful books

Decorating does not have to use complicated items. You can use a simple stack of colorful books to add character to the table decor. Creatively arranging the books will reflect your personality in the room.

  1. Decorate in sections

If your coffee table is big and you have no idea where to start, you can decorate it in sections. You can divide the table into grids that will have individual styles, which complement each other.

  1. Include fun elements

Include fun elements in your coffee table décor. You can use board games such as a chessboard or a Rubik’s cube to give a fun, playful feel to your room. The room will feel welcoming to your guests.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your coffee table;

  • Keep your lifestyle in mind when making décor decisions. Your coffee table should still be functional.
  • Avoid very tall centerpieces that block the view of people sitting on either side of the table.
  • Do not use heavy objects that might damage your glass coffee table top and make it look cumbersome.
  • Use decorations that complement the aesthetics and furniture in the room. Consider how the table will look in the room.


You place a coffee table in the center of the room, which makes it visible from all room corners. Coffee tables are mostly functional furniture pieces, but you can use them to add style and influence the room’s ambiance. Exciting and creative centerpieces are also great conversation starters.

Decorating your coffee table can be a fun DIY project that will showcase your artistic side and give a personal touch to your living space. You can use simple items to create unique crafts that leave a lasting impression on your guests.  Most importantly, have fun while decorating your coffee table. Try a variety of things and different styles to see what works best for you. At, we will offer you expert advice on how to decorate your coffee table and how to choose a glass coffee table to suit your lifestyle and needs.