Having a bathtub is great for relaxing and pampering yourself, but showers are more practical for day-to-day use. A bathroom without a shower is dated and often too high to scale for most people, especially the elderly. A new shower will elevate the aesthetic and increase the value of your home.

Converting an old bathtub into a modern shower will update your bathroom and make it feel more spacious. In addition, it will also improve accessibility to the shower. However, taking on the complex job of converting your bathtub into a shower is worth the added convenience and style.

Ways to Convert a bathtub into a shower

  1. Removing the bathtub and building a new shower

Tearing out your bathtub and fitting in a new shower is one way to update your bathroom. It is advisable to know the exact width and length of the tub. You should check whether the drain is on the left, right, or centre.

Consider the footprint of the bathroom and how the shower door will fit into the new layout.  Ensure you have enough room for a door without hitting the sink or toilet. If you do not have enough space for a swinging door, you can choose from various sliding glass shower doors from Glassupply.com.

The major downside to removing the bathtub and replacing it with a shower is losing the tub space for bathing children.

Replacing the bathtub with a shower cubicle involves removing the tub, bathroom walls, and floor and installing new walls, faucets and controls, shower panels, and doors. You can achieve this in the following simple steps;

  • Design the shower footprint – it is advisable to use the old impression because the shower pan and walls will align with the existing footprint and avoid excessive repair work. You can choose a shower enclosure that is the same size as the bathtub.
  • Acquire the necessary remodelling permits – check with your local agency about required permits because you might need to move the plumbing.
  • Shut off the water – it is vital to cut off all water supply to the bathtub when the renovations are underway. Most bathtubs have an intermediary shut-off valve or use the main water shut-off valve.
  • Take out the surrounding tiles – using a pry bar and oscillating multi-tool remove the tiles around the bathtub.
  • Remove the bathtub – loosen the screws or nails used to secure the bathtub to the wall. You may need to remove some drywall to get enough space to accommodate the corners of the tub. You may require help moving the bathtub. Clean the area and repair the studs and flooring.
  • Install your new shower – follow the instructions on the shower kit. Next, install the shower pan first, then fit in the showerhead and controls. Ensure that the drain is in the right spot and put in the surrounding panels. Finally, install your shower door and enjoy your new walk-in shower.
  1. Refit the plumbing to create a combined shower and bathtub

Refitting the plumbing to make a combined bathtub and shower is a less invasive solution that allows you to upgrade your bathroom. You will need to install an enclosure to protect the floor from water spillage. Contact Glasupply.com for the best tub enclosures to complete your bathroom transformation.

Things to consider before starting your renovation

  • Budget

Accordingly, it is vital to be as prepared as possible before taking on any project, and a bathroom renovation is not any different. Consider the project’s expected cost, including the hardware, if you want to hire professionals and the cost of installation.

However, if you have experience with home improvement projects, you can DIY. It is, however, advisable to consult with a qualified professional if you need any assistance. Carry out adequate research about the work involved and materials required to help you prepare a budget.

  • The space available

In addition, you should assess the amount of space available in the bathroom before removing the bathtub to understand the options available to you. You might have enough space beside the bathtub for a shower enclosure or combine a shower and bathtub if space is limited.

Evaluating the space available will help you decide on other design layouts, such as the type of door that will work best and whether to install frameless or framed glass enclosures.

  • The shower design

One of the main benefits of upgrading your bathtub to a shower is the increased aesthetics. You have a variety of shower design options to choose from, depending on your taste and design.

You can choose frameless glass panels to achieve a minimalistic and modern contemporary style. Framed glass doors give a rustic and vintage design. At Glassupply.com, we have a comprehensive collection of glass shower enclosures that fit your budget. We customize them to your needs.

In summary

Renovating your bathroom to include a shower will improve accessibility, increase the value of your home and modernize it. You can choose to remove your bathtub and replace it with a shower or refit the existing plumbing to create a bathtub and shower combination.

Installing glass shower enclosures will help you complete your bathroom transformation. Contact us at Glassupply.com for the highest quality glass shower enclosures at the best prices. We sell shower kits and fabricate the glass to make your DIY project easier. Get in touch with us and get customized products to suit your needs. We will deliver the products to your doorstep.