Mirrors are a part of every home, and framed mirrors add personality to the décor. There are various frames to choose from to complement the style in the home.

Windowpane frames are popular because they are unique and give the room a modern artistic vibe. However, windowpane mirrors are costly. If you want a window mirror, you can turn it into a fun DIY project that saves you money. All you need is a few tools and a bit of creativity.

Tools needed

You will need the following tools to make a window-framed mirror.

  • A framed mirror
  • Handsaw
  • Paint
  • Clear glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Pine boards
  • Ring hooks or wire

Step 1 – take measurements

The first step is to cut the wooden boards. The number of panes in the mirror depends on the size of your mirror and your style. You can make between six and up to sixteen panes in the mirror.

Carefully place your mirror in your workplace and take the inner measurements using a measuring tape. Write down the measurements.

Transfer the measurements to your wooden board and mark them. Take a handsaw, cut along the marks, and smooth the edges with sandpaper. Repeat the process with all your wooden boards.

Check if your board pieces fit on the mirror and sand any extra inches off.

Step 2 – paint your frames.

The second step is painting your wooden frames. Start by detaching the mirror from the frame and paint the frame. If it is not possible to remove the mirror from the frame, cover it with plastic sheets and tape to secure it.

It would be best to use spray paint, but you can use a brush to apply the paint. Apply light and even coats and wait for each frame to dry before applying another coat.

Paint all the wooden frames and leave them to dry in the sun.

Step 3 – set your frame.

Once the mirror frame and wooden frames have dried, take them to the work area. Repeat the measurements on your mirror and mark the placements to prevent any mistakes. You can use pieces of tape to mark the places where the boards should be.

Start assembling your frame using clear glue. Place an adequate amount of glue on the end of a board and place it in the marked position. Ensure that the adhesive you use is strong to adhere the wood to the mirror.

Repeat the process to create a grid. Confirm that the wooden boards are straight using a try square.

Step 4 – clean up

The last step is cleaning up your mirror. Take off the paper tape markings and use a clean cloth and some thinner to remove the excess glue.

Cleaning your mirror is quick and easy using home cleaners. You can make homemade cleaners in the following ways.

  • Mix one cup of vinegar with four cups of water. Spray a tiny amount on the glass and wipe it.
  • Dissolve two tablespoons of borax in three cups of water. Use a sponge to apply the solution to the mirror, wipe and dry it thoroughly.
  • Make a solution using equal parts dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, and water in a bottle. Spray the cleaner on the mirror and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

You can also use a commercial glass cleaner to clean tough stains from your mirror. Spray a small amount on the mirror and use a clean, soft cotton cloth to wipe the mirror down. Using a microfiber towel dry off the remaining cleaning solution.

Hang your mirror on the wall using screw rind hooks or a wire.

Safety tips when handling mirrors

  • Mirrors are heavy and fragile, and you should handle them with care.
  • Wear safety gear such as gloves and goggles when cutting and painting the wooden frames.
  • Ensure to use strong hanging hooks when mounting your mirror to prevent it from falling.
  • Use spare cardboard sheets to protect your work surface when cutting and painting the wooden frames.

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