Windows are an essential part of your house to facilitate ventilation. They allow natural light and fresh air while keeping out unpleasant cold, heat, wind, and insects. Windows also complement the walls and furniture of a home. Secure windows also enhance the feeling of safety in your house. You should maintain your windows and make sure they are clean and intact.

However, you may need to replace your window panes due to an accident or wear and tear. This DIY guide will give you straightforward and simple steps to help you replace or repair your windowpane. It will also give you tips on how to avoid broken window panes.

How to repair a damaged windowpane

Glass is fragile, and a hailstorm, errant branch, or ball will leave you with a broken window pane. A damaged window can let in cold, rain, or insects, and it is a safety hazard. If you find yourself with a broken window and needing to replace it, the following steps will guide you.

  1. First, put on protective goggles and thick gloves because sharp shards of glass might cut you. You can place newspapers under the window on both sides to make cleaning easier.
  2. Carefully start removing the broken glass. You can use a hammer or heat gun to loosen the glass and make it easier to remove. If the shards are too small to collect with your hands, use a vacuum cleaner. Dispose of the glass in a trash can.
  3. Scrape off the old putty, glue, and glazing on the window frame with a painter’s tool. You can use your heat gun to soften them if they do not come off quickly.
  4. Use sandpaper to smooth out the frame and wipe off any remaining debris. Using a small brush, apply a small amount of linseed oil, which will help the woo frame bond well with the metal glazing.
  5. You should take the old metal glazing out of their groves. Using a brush, apply a paint primer to prevent oils from coming out of the putty.
  6. Knead your putty into long thin strips and apply it. Using a putty knife, flatten it as much as possible until you get an even and smooth layer. Evenly spread putty will help the windowpane stay flat.
  7. Using even gentle pressure on all sides, install the glass pane into the putty until it is in place. You should make sure that you leave at least three millimeters between the glass pane and the rabbet. Using a bit of pressure, put two glazier’s points on each side of the glass pane.
  8. Taking care not to smudge the glass, add more putty on the frame’s sides, and cover the exposed rabbets. It would help if you used a putty knife to smooth it out and take out the excess. It would be best if you waited for it to dry, then apply primer and paint for a good finish.

How to replace a damaged glass windowpane

Replacing your window will be easy if you follow the following steps:

  1. Using a measuring tape, measure your window pane’s size and dimensions and the area where you will fill with putty. You can measure the site multiple times because your measurements must be accurate. Write down the measurements so that you can order the right size for the replacement glass.
  2. You will need a scraping tool to take off the old putty. Using a brush, clean off the remaining residue. Spread a primer to re-glaze and prepare your window frame for re-installment.
  3. Knead your new putty until it becomes warm and pliable, then form it into long thin strands. When the putty is ready, apply it on all the sides and corners of your window frame. Make sure it is in place by pushing it in with a painted blade.
  4. Take your replacement glass pane and fit it into the frame. You should apply two glazier’s points on each side of the glass window pane. Using light pressure, make sure that they stay in place. Apply more putty to secure the window.
  5. You can carefully clean up the edges using a knife. Wait for the putty to dry, and apply the primer and paint to finish. Using a dry cloth and oil, you can clean up the excess putty. Your new window is in place, and you can clean it.

How to prevent window breakage          

  • Protect your windows and maintain privacy using a protective film. You can also reinforce your glass with window security laminate.
  • Install window security screens to act as an additional barrier protecting your window. Steel screens will also enhance security.
  • Use smash proof glass. It can withstand more than standard glass, and therefore it is harder to break.
  • Buy tempered glass for your window panes. It is stronger than glass and more resistant to breakage, making it an excellent choice for windows.

Choosing the right glass for your window

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Windows often break as a result of accidents or even bad weather. Whether you want to repair or replace your panes, it can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little patience, a few tools, and our straightforward guide, you can do it yourself.

You can also use protective screens to protect your windows. Using a protective film, smash proof, or tempered glass is an excellent way of reducing your windows’ chances of damage.

At, we will gladly offer you professional assistance in repairing or replacing broken window panes. We also supply protective film, tempered glass, and glass that is smash resistant to help you avoid breakage.