Double pane windows consist of two panes of glass with a layer of gas between them. The gas and double panes together make the window a powerful insulator. Double pane windows will help you use less energy regulating temperatures in your house and lowers your power bills. They also reduce outside noise and reflect the sun’s rays, protecting your furniture, carpet, wall art, and photographs from sun damage.

If the window gets cracked or broken, you do not have to stay with foggy windows. Fixing, repairing, and replacing double pane windows is easy, even without a professional’s help.

Steps to remove a double pane glass from the frame

It is easy to remove a double pane glass from the frame without help from a professional. You can easily do it using a small putty knife or razor blade.

Using the knife or razor, carefully cut the double sticky tape between the glass and plastic or vinyl. Do this all around the window, making sure you reach into all the corners. Carefully make sure that the double-pane window is loose before proceeding. Remember, you need to clean off the sticky tape before you can replace the glass.

Proceed to the backside of the window. You will get vinyl stops that go all around the edge of the glass of the double-pane window. You can start popping off the vinyl stops using a little bar. They come off easily from the windowpane. They sometimes get brittle from exposure to the sun, so be careful that they don’t break. If they are too brittle and they break, you will have to replace them.

When you remove all the vinyl stops, you can easily separate the glass pane from the frame. You can now easily pull the glass from the plane.

How to replace the double-pane glass window

You can easily replace your double pane window glass. The following simple steps show you how to do it.

The first step is to remove the existing double pane glass from the window frame. You could keep it in a safe place off to the side. Make sure to remove as much of the double-sided sticky tape off the window frame as you can.

Clean off the remaining sticky tape from the frame. You can use a plastic scraper to scrape it all off. Wipe down the surface once you have removed all the tape. Remove the dirt or dust particles until the surface is clean.

Take your double-sided sticky tape and apply it around the clean surface. You need to work fast and be thorough. Ensure that the tape goes all around the window pane, including all the corners.

Pull the cover off the top side of the double-sided sticky tape. Apply glass cleaner on the edges of the glass so that the glass will not stick right away.

Now carefully take your new double pane glass and place it on the window pane. You can now adjust and center the new glass to where you need it. Slide it back and forth until it is in the right position. The glass cleaner will evaporate soon, and the double pane glass will stick to the sticky tape perfectly.

Use the snaps to secure the window in place into the channels on the window frame. It is easy to see where they go.  Some snaps have a square edge, while others have angled edges that tuck in the glass from behind. You gently push until the window snaps into place then you are done. That is how you replace a double pane glass window.

Easy steps to fixing a broken double pane window

You can save money by replacing the broken glass rather than buying a new insulated window and window frame. If you want to fix a broken insulated window using new glass, follow the following easy steps;

Remove the double-pane window from the frame. Use a small putty knife or razor to cut the existing sticky tape around the window.

Detach the broken glass pane from the window. Be careful not to cut yourself and try to keep the glass from shattering any further.

Clean the frame of any dirt or residue and apply new sealing tape to the frame’s edges.

Place the new double pane glass on the other glass pane and allow it to stick.

The last step is to seal all the gaps using silicone caulking. You have now fixed your double pane window.

Can I replace a single glass pane of a double pane window?

A double-pane window consists of two glass panes with a layer of an inert gas like argon or krypton sealed between them. The panes and air trapped in the gap are poor heat conductors, ensuring that heat does not cross through them. The air creates the insulating and noise-reducing properties of the double-pane glass windows. The window is energy efficient because of the insulation.

Any damage to one or two of the panes is a big problem. The outside pane might get scratched or cracked due to extreme weather conditions. It is not easy or safe to repair and replace a single plane of glass. The glass could shatter and cause harm to the person handling the glass. The glass panes are glazed to the slash of the window. The procedure for loosening the sash to replace the single pane that is damaged might result in a weaker window seal. You will risk losing the thermal insulation property of the glass, therefore reduced energy efficiency.

The other downside of double pane glass windows is that repair is impossible if one glass becomes permeable. If something happens and one of the glasses gets a crack or breaks, the gas escapes. They cannot pull the glass apart and replace the gas.


Due to the above reasons, it is not safe or practical to try and repair or replace a damaged single pane of a double pane glass window. The best solution is to replace the window.

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