Windows are an essential part of the home because they let in natural light, facilitate airflow and add to its aesthetics. You invest a significant amount of money installing durable, insulated windows, and it is frustrating when they become foggy.

What are double pane windows?

Insulated glass is an ideal option for residential homes because it helps regulate rooms, thus increasing energy efficiency. They also minimize sound from outside, which is useful in residential settings.

Double pane glass has thermal insulation properties that regulate temperatures. The glass prevents heat from going in or out of a room throughout the year. As a result, you will need less energy to regulate temperatures in the building, which leads to lower power bills.

Double pane glass has a gas-filled cavity that has sound insulation properties. When you use insulating glass for glass doors and windows, noise from outside does not enter the room. It is ideal for residential buildings where noise pollution is a big nuisance.

Insulating glass is stronger and harder to break than ordinary glass, making it adequate for outdoor use. In addition, the use of tempered or strengthened glass panes in place of standard glass will make the unit stronger.

You should regularly maintain double pane windows in your home to prolong their durability. One of the advantages of installing double pane windows is their energy efficiency and thermal insulation properties. If you fail to maintain your windows, they lose their efficiency, and you will not get value for your money.

How to identify a broken seal of a double pane window

It is essential to maintain your double pane glass and ensure that the seal does not come off or break. A broken seal results in reduced efficiency and can replace the window completely wears out.

You can easily identify signs and indications of a broken seal.

  1. A broken seal causes water droplets to get stuck inside the window panes. As a result, you will notice condensation on the window, which remains after wiping.
  2. Another sign of a broken window seal is a rusted window pane. A rusted steel or iron window frame indicates condensation, and you should not ignore it.
  3. The seal keeps moisture out of the window. If you notice foggy and misty windows, it indicates moisture between the glass panes because of a broken window seal.
  4. The last sign of a broken window seal is if you notice dirt trapped between the window panes that are not coming off.

How to clean foggy double pane windows

If you identify a broken window seal, you should seek professional help or buy some time by repairing them.

One of the ways you can release the moisture trapped between the panes is by drilling holes in the window. However, ensure that you use special glass drilling bits because ordinary drill bits damage the glass. You should drill two small holes into the seal at the corner of the window. Next, take a pack of desiccate and put it in the window to absorb the moisture between the panes. This method is effective in removing fog from double pane windows. However, you should be careful to avoid cracking or breaking the window.

Another way to remove moisture from windows is with airflow from a fan. You can place a fan next to the drilled holes and leave it on for some time.

If you do not want to risk damaging the double-pane window further by drilling, you can place a humidifier next to the window or use a water snake.

Double pane glass window replacement

The damage to the window seal may be extensive, and you need to replace the entire window. The components of insulated glass work together and are not repairable individually. They prevent or reduce heat and sound transfer, making them ideal for use in windows and doors of homes. It is, therefore, essential to maintain your insulated glass unit to prevent leakage of this gas.

The long-term advantages of using insulated glass outweigh the high cost of buying it. Insulated glass is durable, safer, and energy-efficient, cutting costs on power bills and conserving the environment.

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