Shower doors are essential in providing privacy in the bathroom. Whether you chose a sliding or swinging shower door, you could be wondering how to handle repairs. You expose shower doors to temperature and humidity changes, soaps, and often used, which may cause damage.

You also hang your towel or dirty clothes that contribute to the aging and issues that occur with shower doors.

Let us look at common issues that occur with shower doors and how to fix them.

How to fix a sliding shower door

Sliding shower doors should roll smoothly without needing to tug them. If your need to use a lot of force when closing the door because it does not glide effortlessly, we have the fix for you.

Clean the door tracks – you can use white vinegar and pour it into the channel. Let it soak for ten minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if the door does not glide smoothly.

Scrub the door tracks – if the vinegar soak did not improve the situation, there might be crusted mineral deposits stuck in the grooves. You can use a mineral dissolving solution or vinegar to soak for a few minutes. To avoid damaging the tracks, use a brush or a wood edge to scrub.

Remove dirt from the tracks – you might need to inspect the grooves and use tweezers to remove any dirt that could be stuck. Hair, pieces of dried up soap, and other debris could prevent the wheel from turning.

Check to see if the roller has gone off track – you will need to lift the door and return the rollers on the track.

  1. Unscrew the rail from the bottom of the track and tilt the door to remove it.
  2. Remove both doors and clean all the tracks.
  3. Loosen the screws and adjust the rollers to the correct position.
  4. Tighten the rollers, put the door back, and screw the bottom of the rail in place.
  5. Check that the doors are sliding correctly.


How to repair a shower door that does not close properly

We all like enjoying a long relaxing shower, and nobody wants cold blasts of air interrupting our shower. A shower door that does not close correctly also leaves a wet mess due to water leakage. If your shower door keeps opening and will not close all the way, the door has dropped or is just loose; we have the solution for you.

  1. You should check the door hinges and latches. Most shower doors are put together with screws, which can become loose over time. Check for screws or caps that cover the screws at the top of the door and pop them off.
  2. Using a screwdriver, loosen the screws and clean the area with water and vinegar.
  3. Adjust the door to make sure it closes and then tighten the screws. It is good to tighten all the screws, but not too much that the door loses movement.
  4. If your shower door uses magnets, clean off the soap and mineral coating. You can also buy a magnetic strip and glue it on the door.

When tightening the screws fails, and there is damage to your door, you might need to replace it.

How to repair and replace a shower door hinge

A build-up of soap, dirt, or rust can affect the functioning of the shower door hinge. The door starts making a screeching noise when opening or closing, or the door stops closing correctly.

Repairing a door hinge

  • Clean the hinges with a water and vinegar solution or a degreasing solvent and a small brush or toothbrush. Rinse off with water.

Replacing a door hinge

  • Using a screwdriver, loosen the screws on the door hinges.
  • Place a block of wood under the door to support it.
  • Remove all the screws in the hinges and get another person to hold the door.
  • Replace the hinge and all the screws.
  • When the door is in place, remove the wood.

How to repair a shower door frame

If your shower door frame has become loose or broken away from the wall, it needs repair.

  1. Check all the screws that hold the frame to the wall. You might need to replace old screws using longer ones. If new screws do not work, drill new holes and plug the old holes with the old screws.
  2. Remove all the doors if the builders glued the shower frame to the wall. Use a knife to cut the sealant and glue. Dislodge the frame from the wall and clean all the old adhesive with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Repair or replace any damage to the door frame.
  4. Place back the frame using screws or adhesive. Use caulking to seal edges.

Replacing your glass shower door

If your glass shower door is damaged or cracked, it is a safety hazard, and you need to replace it. At, we provide high-quality tempered glass, which is safe because it is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter when broken.

Safety precautions when using glass shower doors

  • Always keep the floor clean and dry to avoid slipping accidents.
  • Handle the door gently. Glass is fragile and could break if you slam the door.
  • Always ask for help when doing repairs because shower doors are heavy and fragile.
  • Avoid putting on extra weight on the glass, doorknob, or bars because it causes damage.


Faulty shower doors are a common problem. As we have discussed, sometimes the solution is a thorough clean. In other instances, you will need to tighten or replace the screws and hinges. You might also need to repair or replace the shower door frame. Our simple and straightforward guide will help you safely maintain and repair your glass shower doors.

A cracked shower glass door is a safety hazard. Contact us at for all your glass door needs. We will help you select and install safety glass that will fit your door. We will also give you expert advice on glass shower door repairs and maintenance.