A mirror is an essential part of the gym. A gym is incomplete without large mirrors covering the walls.

Gym mirrors are considered necessary and remain over the evolution and time of the gym industry. All fitness centers have one thing in common, walls full of large, shiny reflective surfaces.

No matter how large or small the space is, whether at home or in a commercial gym, a mirror is there to show you a reflection of yourself working out.

Let us discuss what makes gym mirrors different and why we put them up.

Are gym mirrors the same as regular mirrors?

You can install gym mirrors on the walls, floor, or any area of the work out space. They are, however, different from the mirrors in your bathroom at home.

Many people think that mirrors in the gym make you look fitter than those at home, which is true.

There are several reasons why you look more defined in gym mirrors. The first is because gym mirrors lean a bit forward. The forward-leaning at the top of the mirror gives the illusion of a leaner body.

The fluorescent lighting and the texture in the gym will also make your reflection seem fitter than an ordinary mirror. The use of mirrors in work out spaces has remained constant throughout physical fitness history.

Why do you need gym mirrors?

There are several reasons why these ‘manipulative’ are a constant feature in the gym. They benefit the clients as much as the gym owner.

  1. Enhances the beauty of the room

Mirrors enhance the aesthetic of a room by making it look brighter and bigger. Therefore, they reflect light, transforming a small gloomy space to look larger than it is and more welcoming. The mirrors help attract customers and members because they are drawn in by the beautiful, bright and spacious space. We are sure so many clients will make any gym owner happy.

  1. It inspires you to work out

Another critical reason why mirrors are present in working out spaces is to motivate you to train. The manipulated image makes you look leaner, thus makes you believe that your fitness goals are achievable.

Motivated customers continue with their work out and are therefore very useful. Keeping your morale when working out is essential for you to continue even when you feel like quitting. Working out alone in your home gym can take a toll on you and make you lose the excitement to work out. Installing a mirror in your home gym will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.

  1. It helps you perfect your routine

Mirrors are like your personal trainers. They help you identify your mistakes and correct them. The mirror allows the artist to work on their routine and notice ungraceful movements that do not look good. Exercise mirrors in dance studios run across the entire wall, enabling them to view themselves from all angles. You can avoid injury when working out by using a mirror to point out problems in your posture.

Types of gym mirrors available in the market

High definition mirrors – They are the best choice for gyms because of their superior reflective surface. They have low iron content, which ensures the clearest reflection.

Regular mirror – These are standard mirrors made of glass. They are cheaper than high definition mirrors and have higher iron content, so reflections are not as clear or detailed. They may also have a green tint to them.

Ideal spaces to install gym mirrors

As previously discussed, mirrors are a crucial element of any work out space.  You can install gym mirrors in the following areas;

  1. Home gyms
  2. Fitness studios, garage, and commercial gyms
  3. Yoga and dance studios
  4. Martial arts studios
  5. Sauna and spa centers.

What to consider before buying a gym mirror

When shopping for a mirror to install in your gym, you should consider a few things.

  1. The type of mirror

The type of mirror you choose should depend on the purpose of the gym. Buying an expensive HD mirror makes more sense for a commercial gym or studio. If you require a mirror for your home gym, you could buy an ordinary mirror.

  1. The size of the mirror

The size of the mirror you choose will depend on how large your work out area is. Do you want a mirror that will cover an entire wall or multiple small ones?

  1. The thickness of the mirror

A mirror in a recreational or work out space should be thick enough to withstand accidental impacts and vibrations from the high level of activity. A mirror for a commercial gym or studio should be at least 6mm thick. A home gym does not have high degrees of vibrations or impacts, and a 4mm thick mirror is okay. We do not recommend using a less than 4mm thick mirror in any studio or work out space.

  1. The clarity of the mirror

The iron content in the mirror determines the reflection’s clarity, so make sure to ask about it when shopping. A high iron content gives less clarity and may contain a greenish tint, which would compromise the room’s beauty.  A high-quality mirror will have low iron content, providing a crystal clear reflection.

  1. The price of the mirror

HD mirrors are significantly more expensive than regular mirrors. Your budget will play a significant role in what you end up buying.

  1. Safety of the mirror

Glass is delicate and prone to shattering when broken, which can cause injury. The thickness of the mirror and its installation contribute to the mirror’s safety. HD mirrors are also safer than ordinary mirrors.


Mirrors are an essential part of every work out space, whether at home or commercial. They increase the room’s aesthetics, motivate you to work out, and help you improve your routine.

The type of mirror you buy should cater to your needs and be safe.

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