The bathroom is a room that has many assorted items that you need to organize. You may have noticed how your bathroom always seems disorganized no matter how much time you spend arranging the room. You also have no space to add any decorations. An organized bathroom will make your bathroom more functional, help your morning routine go seamlessly, and give you plenty of room to decorate.

We could all use more storage space in our bathroom. A fantastic way to get more storage space without compromising your bathroom’s beauty is to use glass shelves. Using glass shelves is a modern contemporary design solution that will make your bathroom unique and trendy.

Let us explore unique design ways to use glass shelves in your bathroom.

  1. Recessed glass shelves

Most shelves jut out of the wall and need a lot of space. If you have a small bathroom space, recessed shelves are an excellent solution. Open glass shelves make the room seem larger, fit better, and more harmoniously than traditional frames. They also add a uniquely chic look to your bathroom.

  1. Mount glass shelves above the door

The versatility with glass shelves allows you to mount them in almost any space. We often don’t consider putting up storage above the door. Adding a glass shelf above the door will give you an ideal space to store items like extra linen that you do not use daily. You can use a step stool to reach the shelf when needed.

  1. Mount floating glass shelves on your bathroom wall

Floating glass shelves are not only trendy but functional as well. You can mount floating glass shelves on the walls in your bathroom to store and display your beauty products. They will also be easier to find than in a drawer.

  1. Make use of neglected corners with glass corner shelves

Most bathrooms have a neglected corner that is dull, and we often wonder what to do with it. Glass corner shelves will add storage space and add light to these neglected spaces.

  1. Mount open glass shelves over a large vanity

A large vanity means an ample large counter space. However, we hardly think about the area above the counter. If you have a large counter with a large open space above it, glass shelves will give you more storage space. You can also use the open shelves to add decorations to your bathroom.

  1. Mount glass shelves above the bathtub

Your bathtub might always feel crowded with the shower essentials you use daily. A creative way to organize your soap, shampoo, and other bath essentials but keep them within reach is to add glass shelves above the bathtub.

  1. Mount asymmetrical glass shelves

If your wall has varying lengths of space available, a practical shelving solution is to mount asymmetrical shelves. You can also use curved and bent glass shelves to navigate around cabinets.

  1. Mount glass shelves under the sink

If you have a free-standing sink in your bathroom, you can utilize the space beneath it and create additional space—Mount glass shelves under the sink to store towels, robes, soap, and such items.

  1. Install shelves above the toilet

The space behind your toilet is a great spot to install glass shelves to store toilet paper or towels. Glass shelves behind your toilet will blend in seamlessly and complement the bathroom aesthetic.


Glass shelves are a current design trend that is contemporary and chic. Although they are a relatively new alternative to traditional frames, they are becoming increasingly popular. There are several reasons why you should choose glass shelves for your bathroom.

  • They are easy to install. You can install glass shelves without the help of a professional.
  • You can use them to add light and made the bathroom feel more spacious. The glass reflects light which is an excellent way to brighten a dark room.
  • Glass shelves provide an easy storage solution. They are functional and robust enough to handle the weight of most household items.
  • Glass is easy to clean. Glass material is easy to maintain and requires you to wipe it regularly.

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