Our home is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of life, and we would love it to be as comfortable as possible. Home decoration is a way to add character and personality to the home and make it feel more welcoming. However, you do not have to break the bank to make your space stand out.

Glass and mirror products are a functional and decorative way to make your home feel chic and modern instantly. In addition, you can use them to make the rooms feel larger and brighter. Let us look at amazing ways you can use glass products and mirrors to make your home exceptional.

  • Install glass shelves

Glass shelves are both functional and add to your space’s aesthetic. You can install glass shelves in any room of your house. We all need extra storage space in our homes, and glass shelves are the perfect solution. You can consider the following ways of using glass shelves on your wall:

  • Install rectangle shelves in the kitchen to create extra space for display or storage. You could install them against the wall to display condiments and spices, between windows to display herbs. You can add storage space by hanging the shelves above and below the kitchen cabinets.
  • You can add rectangular glass shelves in the bathroom to display bathing products, decorations, or towels. You can also get a bathroom glass shelf with a towel bar.
  • Designers can also use rectangular glass shelves in the bedroom. You can use glass shelves corners for added storage or in the closet to create a light and spacious feel.
  • You can layer varying lengths of glass or uniform sizes to create a modern contemporary look in your living room.
  • You can make a beautiful glass shelf display that you can tailor to fit your trophies and medals. You can choose a corner in the room and install rows of triangular or quarter-circled glass shelves. We supply triangular and quarter-circled glass corner shelves in various sizes and ready-to-install shelve kits at Glassupply.com.
  • Bent glass shelves are an elegant way of displaying and storing books. Bent glass shelves are also a good storage option in small spaces.
  • You could attach tempered glass panels to a window using brackets and use them as a small greenhouse for your indoor plants.
  • You can also mount tiered shelves in your entryway to receive your keys and other small items. These will add character and sophistication to your house.
  • Glass tabletops

Glass tabletops are versatile, and can you can use them with a variety of bases. You can add character to the room and make your table unique by placing a glass tabletop on a wooden stump, pallets, fabric, or even a vintage travel case. In addition, glass tabletops are durable and easy to maintain.

At Glassupply.com, we stock a wide range of glass tabletops in different sizes and shapes. We supply rectangle, oval, circle, and square glass tabletops. Our products are polished with smooth edges for a smooth glossy finish.

  • Install a modern glass railing

Frameless glass railings are a unique modern design that is sure to add that wow factor to your house. At Glassupply.com, we supply ½ inch frameless railing that is safe and meets the USA and Canadian building codes. Our glass railing made from strengthened glass does not shatter or break easily. You can get your glass railing fabricated and buy complete hardware for a seamless installation.

  • Use glass in your kitchen.

One of the rooms that people do not consider using glass in is the kitchen. Although glass is delicate, you can use it in various ways around the kitchen. You can install glass shelves to add extra storage space in the kitchen.

You can also add mirrored glass to the kitchen cabinets to reflect light and make the space feel bigger. Another creative way to incorporate glass is to use glass backsplash instead of the tiled backsplash and add a breathtaking and unique style to your kitchen.

  • Design a luxurious bathroom using glass

You can use glass in your bathroom to reflect light, make it brighter, make the room feel more prominent, and get a luxurious feel. A fantastic way to do this is by using glass shower doors, glass corner shelves, installing sizeable frameless bathroom mirrors, or install a glass skylight.

Install glass corner shelves to add storage and improve the room’s aesthetic while frameless bathroom mirrors reflect light making the room feel brighter and more extensive. Additionally, frameless mirrors add a chic modern style to your bathroom.

  • Use mirrors to brighten and give the illusion of space

Mirrors have the effect of making a small space feel much more extensive. They also make the room brighter by reflecting the light. In addition, mirrors make great focal points, and if you need a centerpiece to position your furniture around, a mirror is a great focal point in your room.

Small spaces will feel more spacious if you add a wall mirror. You can also use a mirror outdoors in a terrace, courtyard, or basement garden to add more natural light.

Mirrors also make great decorative pieces. You can hang a group of different mirrors on a wall to create a unique and exciting decoration.

You need the highest quality glass and mirror products for your home decor. At Glassupply.com, we guarantee you the highest quality products at the best market rates. You can conveniently order online, and we will deliver to your doorstep.