Glass tabletops are a functional way of upgrading your old furniture and improving the aesthetics of your home. Most homeowners are unsure of using glass furniture in their homes because it is fragile and unsafe when it breaks. However, you can use tempered glass tabletops that are safer to use than ordinary glass.

Tempered glass tabletops consist of tempered or safety glass panels. Manufacturers harden glass using heat where pre-cut glass is heated and cooled. In a tempering furnace, the glass is heated to 1200F and then quenched or cooled rapidly. As a result, the glass panel is four to five times stronger than regular glass.

Tempered or toughened glass is a safety glass because it provides extra security since it does not break easily, is scratch-resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure without breaking.  Furthermore, tempered glass does not shatter when broken, making it safer to use.

Here are some tips to keep your glass tabletop beautiful.

  • Use rubber bumpers to protect your glass tabletop.

You can use rubber bumpers with anti-skid properties that ensure that the glass tabletops do not slide off.

  • Avoid scratching your glass tabletop surface.

It is easier to prevent your glass from getting scratches than trying to get them off. Do not place rough-edged items that can cause scratches on the glass surface, such as glasses. You can prevent scratches by placing a protective cover on the glass.

  • Use table runners, placemats, and coasters.

We cannot avoid placing hot plates, mugs, and other things on the glass tabletop. You can protect the glass tabletop surface by placing table runners, placemats, and coasters.

  • Keep your table in a safe place.

Glass is fragile and can easily break. You can prevent accidents by placing your glass tables away from high traffic paths where people could constantly bump into them.  Keep your table away from areas where you are likely to put many items on it.

  • Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of the glass surface

The most efficient way to maintain the sparkle of your glass tabletop is to clean it regularly. You should include dusting and cleaning your glass tabletop in your daily household chores.

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