We all love throwing and attending a great party for our family and friends. If you want to create a fun ambiance and leave a lasting impression on your friends, glass patio table tops are a great idea.

Glass tabletops are ideal for outdoor use for numerous reasons. Glass tables comprise tempered glass that is up to six times stronger than regular glass and does not chip or scratch easily. Consequently, it can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. Tempered glass is shatterproof, making it safer to use.

You can easily store away the glass tabletop, replace it if damaged, or order a larger size for added space. Furthermore, you can choose from square, rectangular, circular, or oval shapes in the width of your choice. Smoothened and polished edges will give your table a sleek look.

Additional benefits of using glass tabletops include;

  1. Glass tabletops are easy to install. You can take on a DIY project and add a glass tabletop to protect your table.
  2. Glass tabletops are simple to maintain and clean. You only need to wipe the table with a cloth and glass cleaner.
  3. Glass tabletops are versatile and easy to style. You can choose different shapes, thicknesses, and colors that suit modern designs.
  4. Glass tabletops enhance the beauty of the table in a sophisticated manner. Instead, you will not cover and hide the original furniture’s look but showcase it through the shiny glass.

DIY cocktail table bottom ideas

Tree trunk base

A wooden base is a great idea to repurpose an old tree and bring a natural feel to your patio. A glass tabletop will showcase the beautiful wood. You can choose to use one large tree trunk to support the glass or four bottoms for a large glass surface.

Cinder blocks

You can use two cinder blocks as a base for your glass tabletop for a contemporary design and complement an industrial décor theme. It would be best to use heavy cement blocks to ensure that the base is steady and durable. Additionally, use suction cups to install the glass tabletop and keep it fixed.

Used car tires

A glass table bottom that uses repurposed car tires is a great way to recycle and create an eye-catching piece of furniture. You can stack the tires to your desired height and paint them to make them pop. Moreover, you can fill the space in the tires with trinkets or flowers to make them stand out.

Old barrels

You can reuse old wine and whisky barrels and create attractive table bottoms. Moreover, you can split the table and use half a barrel. Filling the barrel with corks will start a conversation starter among your guests.

Reuse old cabinets

You can repurpose old cabinets or bookcases to create a patio table with extra storage space. Secure a board in the hollow area and paint it to match the rest of the cabinet. You can use the extra storage space to display trinkets or keep different utensils when using the table.

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