Glass tabletops are a great addition to your home and make your home modern and chic. Glass tabletops reflect natural light making the room feel spacious and brighter, making people feel welcome and more relaxed. You can use glass tabletops to protect the surface of your furniture. The glass will protect the wood, fabric, and metallic base from damage. In addition, glass is resistant to chemicals, air, rust, and scratches.

Glass is more hygienic. You can easily clean and disinfect it better than other surfaces. We are growing more aware of the need to keep our environment clean, and glass surfaces are easier to sanitize. Glass tabletops are available in various sizes and shapes. You can choose the form that fits your design and style and uses the amount of space available.

However, many homeowners are concerned about using glass furniture because it is fragile and unsafe. Glass tabletops use strengthened or tempered glass to withstand pressure and high temperatures without cracking. Tempered glass does not shatter when broken, so you do not have to worry about the danger of small glass shards for your family and pets.

You need to protect your glass tabletop from damage to prolong its durability. The beauty of glass tabletops is the shiny surface that displays the beauty of the table bottom and enhances the room’s design.

Here are some tips to keep your glass tabletop beautiful.

  • Use rubber bumpers to protect your glass tabletop.

You can use rubber bumpers with anti-skid properties that ensure that the glass tabletops do not slide off.

  • Avoid scratching your glass tabletop surface.

It is easier to prevent your glass from getting scratches than trying to get them off. Do not place rough items edges that can cause scratches on the glass surface, such as glasses. You can prevent scratches by placing a protective cover on the glass.

  • Use table runners, placemats, and coasters.

We cannot avoid placing hot plates, mugs, and other things on the glass tabletop. You can protect the glass tabletop surface by placing table runners, placemats, and coasters.

  • Keep your table in a safe place.

Glass is fragile and can easily break. You can prevent accidents by placing your glass tables away from high traffic paths where people could constantly bump into them.  Keep your table away from areas where you are likely to put many items on it.

  • Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of the glass surface

The most efficient way to maintain the sparkle of your glass tabletop is to clean it regularly. You should include dusting and cleaning your glass tabletop in your daily household chores.

Cleaning your glass is quick and easy using home cleaners. If you prefer a simpler glass cleaner, you can make it using everyday household items.

  1. Pour one cup of vinegar into four cups of water. Spray a tiny quantity on the glass and wipe it.
  2. Measure three cups of water and mix in two tablespoons of borax. Use a clean sponge to apply a small amount of the solution to the mirror, wipe and dry it thoroughly.
  3. Make a window cleaning solution using equal parts dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, and water in a bottle. Spray the cleaner on the mirror and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

You can also buy a commercial glass cleaner from your local store to clean tough stains from your mirror. Spray a small amount on the mirror and use a clean, soft cotton cloth to wipe the mirror down. Using a microfiber towel dry off the remaining cleaning solution.

Clean your glass centrepiece’s surface regularly. Wipe away any spills as soon as possible from glass surfaces to prevent stains from forming. Prevent water from causing stains by modifying its P.H. You can use water softeners or water filters to remove minerals from the water.

It would be best to choose ammonia-based glass cleaners that do not leave streaks on the glass. Ensure to use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass surface. You can polish your glass and mirror surface using old newspapers or coffee filters. Polishing your glass and mirror will keep it sparkling.

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