We all want furniture that is durable and will give us value for our investment. Tables are furniture items that we use daily, and it is essential to choose the best materials. The choice of furniture and interior décor can impact the mood of the room and make mealtime memorable.

Glass tabletops are a great way to elevate the décor in your home. There are many glass tabletops available in the market, and finding a style that suits you is not difficult. Additionally, they blend in with contemporary design making your home stand out. You can choose from round, oval, square, and rectangle tables.

If you are concerned about safety, glass tabletops use tempered glass, which is six times stronger than regular glass and shatterproof.  Additionally, you can get glass table tops with polished and smoothed edges for enhanced safety.

Here are some reasons why glass tabletops are an excellent addition to your interior.

  1. Glass makes small spaces appear more spacious than they are because it is transparent. For instance, most of us have small spaces, and sometimes the kitchen and dining area share a room. So the kitchen and dining is a perfect area to place a glass table, define the space, and make it spacious.
  2. Glass tabletops are versatile and can complement different designs. Consequently, you can use them in vintage interiors or contemporary modern homes.
  3. Glass is easy to work with, and you can get creative on using it around your house. You can do your DIY project and add a glass tabletop to a wide range of bottoms. An old wooden table, vintage travel case, pallet, or barrel would make a unique centerpiece.
  4. Glass tabletops are easy to maintain. You will not need to worry about food and drink stains.  Additionally, you can keep the shine and sparkle on the glass with regular glass cleaning products.
  5. A glass table is an excellent choice to show off a beautiful floor finish or a beautiful area rug.

The most efficient way to maintain the sparkle of your glass tabletop is to clean it regularly. You should include dusting and cleaning your glass tabletop in your daily household chores. Secondly, avoid damage to your glass tabletop and enhance its durability. Use rubber bumpers with anti-skid properties that ensure that the glass tabletops do not slide off.

It is easier to prevent your glass from getting scratches than trying to get them off. Do not place rough edges that can cause scratches on the glass surface, such as glasses. You can prevent scratches by placing a protective cover on the glass. You can protect the glass tabletop surface by placing table runners, placemats, and coasters. In addition, you can prevent accidents by placing your glass tables away from high traffic paths where people could constantly bump into them.  Keep your table away from areas where you are likely to put many items on it.

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