We all have fond memories shared with family and friends created when sharing meals. You can make your dining area stand out and create more memories around a glass dining table. A glass table will maintain functionality while enhancing the aesthetics of the room. Moreover, you can get large customized glass tables for your large family to sit around.

Glass tabletops are versatile, and you can incorporate them into any style. Since glass tabletops use strengthened glass, they are more durable than regular glass. Glass is also stain-resistant and can withstand high-temperature ranges.

Advantages of using a glass tabletop

  • Adaptable

Glass tabletops are versatile. Their minimalistic design makes them perfect to compliment any interior design style. Additionally, you can get them customized to suit your needs.

  • Easy to clean

Glass tabletops are easier to clean than other table materials. They have a smooth surface that does not allow debris to collect or the surface to stain.

  • Modern design

Glass tabletops look elegant and bring a modern feel to your home. It is considered an upscale design and adds value to your house.

  • Customizable

Glass tables have the option of using custom glass. You can choose a unique design that reflects your taste and style, not found in other homes.

At Glassupply.com, we supply a wide variety of glass tabletop sizes and shapes to suit your needs. You can conveniently order your glass table tops online in three easy steps;

  1. Ensure that you take accurate measurements of the table bottom.
  2. Please submit a request detailing your custom requests, and our experts will review it to design the product according to your specifications.
  3. We will send you the design draft and costs to review, and if you are satisfied, you can confirm the order. You can then wait for the custom glass tabletop, which we deliver to your doorstep.

Additionally, you can choose the tabletop that suits your needs from our online catalog.

Table centerpiece ideas to make your dinner memorable

A table centerpiece is displayed to complement the theme and add to the decoration or design. A unique and creative centerpiece can serve as a conversation starter to break the ice at a party. You can use centerpieces to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your table setting. They help set the tone and mood for different celebrations.

Avoid very tall centerpieces that block the view of people sitting on either side of the table. In addition, do not use heavy objects that might damage your glass tabletop and make it look cumbersome.

  • Use a mirror base with candles

You can place a set of candles on a circular mirror to create a colorful centerpiece. You can place scented candles or colored ones that are in line with the theme. You can creatively arrange different lengths of candles for a unique asymmetrical look.

You can use various candles and seasonal flowers or decorations to add more beauty to the centerpiece. You can use this décor idea for weddings or intimate dinner parties.

  • Combine flower arrangements with a mirror centerpiece

Flower arrangements are a vibrant and colorful option for table décor that is timeless. You can place a flower arrangement on a mirror to add elegance to floral arrangements.

Flower arrangements are versatile, and you can use them for sophisticated formal parties, weddings, or a relaxed dinner at home. You can choose seasonal flowers as the seasons change to bring in natural elements to the design. Using a mirrored base will add sparkle.

  • Add a pop of color

Use a pop of colors to brighten the space. A bright pop of color livens up any space. One solid color or a combination of colors will lift the mood of the room. A colorful centerpiece will be ideal if you have monochromatic or dark furniture. Try out different colors or use a bright flower arrangement.

  • Use large mirror centerpieces as food displays

You can create interest in your menu by showcasing it on mirrored centerpieces. You can place sweets or desserts and arrange them as table decorations at parties. You can serve small finger foods like sushi or caviar on mirrored platters to enhance their beauty.

  • Place a decorative bowl on a mirror

You can showcase your interests by placing a decorative bowl with trinkets and souvenirs on a mirrored surface. The decorative bowl is a great way to add a personal touch to your table décor and a great conversation starter.

If you are looking for a glass tabletop for your dinner table, contact us at Glassupply.com. We offer a wide variety of high-quality glass and mirror products. We stock glass tabletops in various designs and shapes to suit your style. Our high-quality products are durable and come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can contact us for a custom glass product, and we will deliver it to your doorstep.