Most of us think of tables as the centerpiece in the room and place our coffee mugs, keys, and magazines. However, you can creatively use glass tabletops to display items in your living room.

Glass tabletops provide a flat surface perfect surface to place mementos such as precious family photos on display. You can display conversation starters such as craft projects and artwork for your visitors to enjoy.

You can choose from a variety of glass tabletop shapes. At, we stock high-quality rectangle, oval, circular, and square glass tabletops to suit your preference. Additionally, we customize the glass to fit your table.

A glass tabletop is perfect for displaying presents, flowers, place cards, and cake during a celebration such as a birthday or bridal shower.

You need to protect your glass tabletop from damage to prolong its durability. The beauty of glass tabletops is the shiny surface that displays the beauty of the table bottom and enhances the room’s design.

Advantages of using a glass tabletop


Glass tabletops are versatile. Their minimalistic design makes them perfect to compliment any interior design style. Additionally, you can get them customized to suit your needs.

Easy to clean

Glass tabletops are easier to clean than other table materials. They have a smooth surface that does not allow debris to collect or the surface to stain.

Modern design

Glass tabletops look elegant and bring a modern feel to your home. It is considered an upscale design and adds value to your house.


Glass tables have the option of using custom glass. You can choose a unique design that reflects your taste and style, not found in other homes.

Glass tabletops are versatile, and can you can use them with a variety of bases. You can create a unique coffee table by placing a glass tabletop on a wooden stump, pallets, fabric, or even a vintage travel case. Glass tabletops are durable and easy to maintain.

At, we stock a wide range of glass tabletops in different sizes and shapes. We supply rectangle, oval, circle, and square glass tabletops with polished edges for a smooth glossy finish.

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