Mirrors are reflective surfaces that you use for both functional and decorative purposes. You install mirrors to let you see your reflection for aesthetic reasons and to see your movements. They are also versatile, and you can style them in many ways.


  1. Mirrors brighten up rooms – mirrors reflect and harness light and cast it into the room.
  2. You can use mirrors to enhance the beauty in a room – you can use a mirror to add beauty and improve the room’s ambiance.
  3. Gyms and dance studios – wall mirrors are used in gyms and dance studios to allow you to see your reflection when dancing or working out.
  4. Mirrors make great focal points – if you need a centerpiece to position your furniture around, a mirror is a great focal point in your room.
  5. Giving the illusion of a window – adding a mirror with a traditional window frame in a windowless room will add light and create a window’s illusion.
  6. Use a mirror to make the room feel bigger – small spaces will feel much larger if you add a wall mirror.
  7. You can use a mirror outdoors to add mirrors to a terrace, courtyard, or basement garden to add more natural light.
  8. Mirrors make great decorative pieces – hanging a group of different mirrors on a wall will create a unique and exciting decoration.


Wall mirrors – wall mirrors are often framed, although contemporary designs are frameless. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can hang wall mirrors in the entryway or on the mantle.

Full-length mirrors – full-length mirrors are often free-standing and portable. They are ideal for bedrooms and fitting rooms because you can see the reflection of your entire body.

Mounted bathroom mirrors – mounted mirrors commonly found in bathrooms are usually primary frameless sheet glass mirrors. They are mainly functional and do not add style to space.

Mirrored tabletops – you can cover damaged surfaces of coffee tables, drawers, and shelves with customized mirrored glass.


  • Mirrors are fragile, and you need to wrap them properly when you are transporting or storing them. You should carefully wrap the mirror in old newspapers or cover it in bubble wrap and not put any items on top of the mirror.
  • When installing mirrors, it is wise to get extra help. Mirrors can be too large and heavy to lift on your own.
  • Mirrors may have sharp edges, which can cause cuts. Wear a pair of heavy work gloves when handling mirrors and glass products.
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Mirrors accumulate dirt and dust over time which makes them look dull and unattractive. You should regularly clean and maintain your mirrors.

You can easily clean your mirrors using a commercial glass cleaner and microfiber cloth. Commercial glass cleaners also remove tough stains from the mirror and maintain its shine.

Home remedies make excellent natural mirror cleaning solutions. You can use the following ingredients to make home cleaning solutions;

  • Mix one cup of vinegar in four cups of water in a spray bottle.
  • Thoroughly mix two tablespoons of borax in three cups of water. Apply a small amount to the mirror with a sponge, wipe and dry it thoroughly.
  • Make a solution using equal amounts of dishwashing soap, water, and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.


The type of mirror you buy should cater to your needs and be safe. Mirrors are an essential part of every house, and can you can use them in various ways. You can use them to make the room feel brighter, larger, and more beautiful. Mirrors also make great focal points in a room, in gyms, and dance studios, and you can use them to decorate your walls.

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