Glass shower doors are an affordable and durable way to improve the aesthetics of your home and make it modern. Glass doors reflect light making your bathroom brighter and more extensive. Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom or install glass shower doors in a new home, this comprehensive guide will help you make the right choice.

Although most homeowners spend between $550 and $1300, the overall cost depends on various factors.

  • The size and design of your shower

Therefore, a large bathroom requires more materials and labor and is more expensive than a small bathroom. On the other hand, a bathroom with a complicated design might be more expensive even though it is small. For example, a small shower with several corners and angles is more costly than a standard rectangular shower.

  • The thickness of your glass shower door

Glass shower doors are available in various thicknesses, which influence the overall cost of your installation. We recommend the ½ inch glass for framed glass shower doors and thicker glass for frameless shower doors.

  • Additional bathroom modifications

There are additional considerations that might influence the installation cost of your glass shower door. Complicated bathroom designs and custom-designed doors will increase the cost.

Frameless glass shower door cost

Frameless glass shower doors do not incorporate frames but use heavy-duty glass, supported by unique pivots integrated into their design. You can also install frameless sliding doors. Frameless shower doors look elegant and bring a modern feel to your bathroom. It is considered an upscale design and adds value to your house.

Frameless glass shower doors are versatile. Their minimalistic design makes them perfect to fit into any bathroom style. They are also easy to customize, making them flexible. Frameless shower doors are easier to clean than framed doors and do not have channels that allow debris to collect and mold to grow. In addition, since these doors do not have frames, you do not have to replace corroded parts or stains on the glass.

The installation cost of frameless glass shower doors depends on the size of your shower, but on average, you can expect to spend between $300 and $3,300.

Framed glass shower door cost

Framed glass shower doors have structures to support their basic design. The material of the frame can be painted chrome, aluminum, gold, bronze, or nickel. The frame is put on the door’s top, bottom, side, and joints and surrounds tempered glass sheets. The frame also surrounds the enclosure and the operable parts.

Framed glass doors are versatile, and you can choose to install them as swivel doors, sliding doors, or hinged doors.

Framed glass shower doors are more affordable, which is perfect when you are renovating your bathroom. However, the installation cost depends on the framing material used and the glass used. The average cost for installing a framed glass shower door is between $190 and $500.

  • Glass shower screen cost

A partial glass door or splash guard prevents water from splashing out of the bathtub or shower and pooling on the floor. A splash guard takes up a small space and will make a small bathroom feel more spacious.

Partial glass doors are also cheaper, easy to install and maintain. You can spend between $70 and $300 to install a glass shower screen.

  • Glass shower enclosure cost

A glass enclosure is ideal for small bathrooms and helps you utilize the corner walls of the bathroom. On average, a 30’’ by 30’’ frame costs between $300 and $400. The installation cost is between $250 and $1,000 due to the special equipment needed.

  • Customized glass shower door cost

The installation cost of customed glass shower doors is dependent on the nature of the glass and the size of your shower. Customization includes curved, neo-angle designs and personalized finishes.

  • Glass shower door replacement

If you want to replace your glass shower door, you can spend between $500 and $1,400 if you choose a sliding or framed design. However, replacing sliding glass doors is cheaper than repairing framed doors.

Choosing the best enclosure for your shower

All the options discussed above have pros, cons, and implications on your bathroom’s style and design. However, the main things to consider when making your choice are the design you want to achieve and the cost implications.

If you want a sturdy and functional enclosure, the framed glass shower door is the best choice for you. A frameless glass door is the right fit for a seamless, elegant, and modern style. The semi-frameless shower door is an excellent choice if you want both the functionality and a clean, sleek look.

The cost implication of your choice is another consideration. Frameless shower doors are costly because of customization. Framed glass doors are the cheapest option since they come in standard sizes.

Regardless of the type of shower enclosure you prefer, at, we have experts who will help you choose one that works for your style and fits your budget. We have framed and frameless glass shower enclosures that can be customized and installed to your specifications. We also have patterned glass that will provide privacy.