Design your own Glass Railing Project

100% Customizable Glass Railing Systems Delivered to your Door
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Fully customize your railing in a few simple steps. 1/2″-thick glass panels are custom cut-to-size based on your specifications, and on the product load test restrictions. Our technical support team is always one click/phone call away, ready to help you with your project.

Our System Selection

Custom Cut Shapes for your Staircase Railing

Get your own in 3 easy steps.

You have to supply us with a few measurements such as the tread rise measurements, the overall number of risers, and the overall length for this method to work.

1. Count the number of steps 

When counting for the number of steps, count the tread noses to determine the number of steps.

2. Measure the overall length 

When determining the overall length, measure the horizontal distance from the edge of the nosing on the first tread at the bottom of the staircase to the edge of the nosing on the floor/landing at the top of the staircase. – Measure B

3. Measure Tread Depth, Riser Height, and Nosing Depth

To obtain details on how to find those measurements, please refer to the illustration shown in the detailed measuring guide. – Measures C, D, and F.

4. Stairs Angle (Optional) 

Be sure to lay the digital level across a number of treads using a straight edge (a board or a long level). We provide an alternative method that doesn’t require a digital-level app. – Measure E


Low Profile Handrail in Option

Certain applications can require a top rail. For those situations, we offer an optional low-profile 316 stainless steel top rail that protects glass while providing a reduced minimum visual impact.

The 1/2” tempered glass we use is up to North American building codes (Canada and the United States). For special projects requiring laminated glass, please contact us for a quote.

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Certified Frameless System

2205 Stainless Steel is a metal alloy that is highly corrosion resistant. It is the most heavy-duty, enduring, and safest metal composite to use in harsh Canadian winter and coastal environments. Widely used in the marine industry, 2205 duplex Stainless Steel has become the premium standard in the railing industry.

Detailed Load Tests


Self-Closing Gate Hardware for Your Pool

Our stainless steel door hardware is designed to meet the tough requirements of frameless glass pool fencing, making it suitable for use in all applications where glass doors or gates are required. It is designed for chemical resistance, operation in wet environments, and to withstand constant outdoor use and harsh weather

Our hinges use spring and shock absorbers for a gentle close every time and from any position, whether fully or partially open

Our Projects


Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

You can get a frameless glass railing designed for DIY installation, with minimum hardware setup – no need for a handyman or a contractor!

How does it work?

Before Ordering

Step 1: Measurements

Measure your site. Specify the span lengths where your glass railing will be located. Read our measuring guide for more information on how to provide accurate measurements.

Step 2: Online Software Tool

Our online software railing app will help you to plan and cost your project. Just select the look you want and put in your measurements. It couldn’t be simpler. Use our online secure payment to checkout directly on the website.  Note : Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help during this process

Order Processing

Step 3: Order Confirmation

We will start preparing your order only once all measurements have been confirmed on your end.

Step 4: Processing and Shipping the Order

Allow 10 to 14 business days for your order to be shipped. Each glass pane is individually packaged to allow easy handling during unloading. The full order is  bundled and shipped on a wooden pallet for ultimate protection. A tracking number is provided once the order is picked up by the carrier.

Final Steps

Step 5: Delivery

A signature will be required for the delivery of your order. For smaller orders (3-4 glass panes or less), it will be delivered to your doorstep. For large orders, we offer free curbside delivery which means you will have to help the driver unload the order. Tailgate delivery is also available on demand.

Step 6: Receiving and Installing the Glass

Prior to installation, examine all boxes and packages and compare the piece count with your order confirmation. Use our detailed step-by-step installation guide and video to complete your installation. You may also request a phone meeting with a technician for heads-up installation tips. Voila! Enjoy the view