The furniture in your business is crucial because it reflects your values and gives an excellent first impression to your clients. As a result, conference tables show the importance of communication and encourage interaction and teamwork while utilizing space.

Meetings are an integral part of every business, and the right conference table will improve productivity. Conference tables help gather the attention and focus of the people gathered. Therefore, buying glass conference room tables is a practical way to provide this functionality while improving the aesthetics of your room.

Many businesses overlook the significance of choosing the right-shaped and well-positioned conference table. As the anchor for which all activities in the conference room revolve, the table is vital. The table should not be too long that the people feel too far apart or too short that the people feel crowded.

The shape of the conference table you choose determines the seating arrangement and the mood in the room. Different shapes of conference tables serve various purposes.

Rectangle conference table

The rectangle conference table is the most commonly used in boardrooms. The rectangle table allows for a hierarchy seating arrangement with the most important seat at the head. A long table increases the distance in power between those at the head and those at the sides. Many businesses use very long conference tables in executive board rooms.

Using a rectangular conference table is the most straightforward choice, but it will express your company structure and approach towards teamwork with clients and employees. It indicates traditionalism and a strong sense of order.

Round conference table

A round conference table is ideal for small rooms and encourages teamwork and cooperation. The participants feel a sense of intimacy and equality, making it an excellent choice for brainstorming, peer review, and customer interaction sessions.

The disadvantage with round tables is the lack of personal space for presentations, laptops, or notepads. Therefore, getting the right size is crucial because it is hard to talk across a too large table, and a very small table can feel crowded. Consequently, the presenter can find it challenging to communicate equally to the person beside them and across the table.

U-shaped conference tables

U-shaped tables are similar to rectangle tables but are completely open on one side. Additionally, they are great for business presentations and evaluations.

U-shaped conference tables allow the leader to address the people while having better accessibility to them. As a result, the u-shaped table maintains a perception of order and power but encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Glass coffee tables and side tables

You can use small glass coffee tables and side tables to complement the furniture in your office. Glass coffee tables improve the beauty and elegance in your office. They are available in various shapes and designs that complement your design. Coffee tables provide additional work surfaces.

Glass side tables are an elegant way to add extra work surfaces in the conference room.

Advantages of using glass conference tables

  1. The glass reflects natural light making the room feel spacious and brighter. Bright and airy rooms make people feel welcome and more relaxed.
  2. You can use glass to protect the surface of your furniture. The glass will protect wood, fabric, and metallic base from damage. Glass is resistant to chemicals, air, rust, and scratches.
  3. Glass tables use strengthened or tempered glass, which can withstand pressure and high temperatures without cracking. Tempered glass ensures that you can get the most use of your glass furniture.
  4. Glass is more hygienic. Consequently, you can easily clean and disinfect it better than other surfaces. We are growing more aware of the need to keep our environment clean, and glass surfaces are easier to keep sanitized.
  5. Glass enhances the aesthetics of your space. Glass furniture adds class and makes your rooms feel elegant and chic.
  6. Conference tables are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose the form that fits your design and style and uses the amount of space available.


Glass conference tables are a great addition to any business. They encourage communication and teamwork and help improve productivity. You can choose from rectangular, circular, or u-shaped conference tables to suit your needs.

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