Decorating your house can be one of the most important but at the same time most difficult tasks to do. A floor-type mirror is an independent, free-standing unit, but much taller and larger than the standard, wall or cabinet-mounted ones commonly used in bedrooms and bathrooms. There are several options from which a choice can be made. Custom floor mirrors come in several sizes, shapes, materials, and features. But the floor isn’t the only place for these mirrors, as they can also be fixed to a wall, extending upwards from floor level.

Benefits Custom Floor Mirrors really Offer

Aesthetic benefits – Custom floor mirrors also offer good aesthetic and decor-enhancing, value to a home. If two are strategically placed on opposite walls of a small room, they’ll create an optical illusion by making the room look far larger than it really is. Then again, you could also use one to reflect other decorative items in the living room, such as a tall flower vase, exotic houseplants, or even a beautiful, Oriental rug. And talking of rugs, place one beneath your floor-style mirror and see what an attractive, eye-catching combination they make. Of course, you’ll need to use high-quality, rug cleaners to keep that rug clean and in good condition.

Functional benefits – Custom floor mirrors offer excellent functional value for money and are extremely practical and convenient options to have in your home. Floor mirrors are used as full body-viewing, medium in the bathroom, a dressing-up aid in the bedroom, and even to brighten up these rooms, as well as other dull, dark spaces in the home. All it would take to achieve the latter would be to place one of these large mirrors opposite a window to reflect incoming natural light during the day, or in a way to bounce light off it from other artificial light sources in the room.

Role of Mirrors in Decoration

Custom floor mirror is unique in that it provides a full-length view and this eliminates the discomfort that usually comes with using a mirror that doesn’t provide this type of view. Despite the fact that floor mirrors are supposed to be full length, there is still a difference in the range of sizes available. The most important reason is that there are variations in the sizes of homes and there are differences in style or taste. More specifically, there are different sizes of rooms in different homes. As such, the available space for a floor mirror will differ from home to home and from room to room. This variation has been accommodated which explains the reason for the different sizes available.


There are individuals that love huge items and there are those that prefer moderately sized to cute items. Whatever the taste, there are floor mirrors to accommodate this at My Custom Mirror. That is why there are large floor mirrors to cater to the taste of customers that will appreciate this. There are also smaller mirrors for the other categories of users.

Space management is another role mirror standing on the floor performs apart from that of viewing. Large floor mirrors are useful in creating an illusion of extra depth and space in a small room by a careful arrangement.

There are many different styles and designs. You can choose from oak trim or some other wood type, vinyl board, and even metal. Place a door mirror on one or two closet doors. Besides the sliding doors, there are also bi-fold and bi-pass styles available. There are shelf sizes but if your closets a little off not to worry as you can order custom sizes.

Consideration in Getting a Floor Mirror

Custom floor mirrors not only look good they are very functional. They are perfect for tying that tie or making sure you look great from the back. They are definitely useful for putting on your makeup or making sure your hair is just right. But they also expand your space. They may the room look much larger and they can also make a dark room appear lighter and brighter.

Getting the right size mirror is usually of varying length and width. The right size of a mirror for your needs is a function of the amount of space that is available for the mirror, but the only way to know the exact size needed is to already have decided the exact place it will be installed. Once this has been ascertained, it is easier to select the right one to fit in, but as logical it may seem, many of us buy the floor mirror for their good design only without having considered the exact place and angle for it and they get frustrated afterward. The available space in the room and the exact place and angle for the mirror are really important!


The right shape is the also most important aspect for getting the best mirror. Floor length mirrors come in a variety of shapes and a particular shape should be chosen to match with the theme and design of the room. Another important factor is the color of the mirror. Popular ones include white floor mirror and a black one. Other colors are also available and the key thing is ensuring that the color is appropriately matched with the room décor. A floor standing mirror is available in traditional or contemporary styles. Custom floor mirrors are particularly stately additions to any home and come highly recommended only if they stand alone as the design masterpiece of the room or if the design of the whole room follows a custom concept.

The cost will depend on the size and on the options you choose. When shopping for your mirror, is well-established as the ‘go-to’ place for the customization of mirrors for interior design companies and individuals alike.