Frameless glass shower doors are increasingly gaining popularity for both small and large bathrooms.  They make small bathrooms seem more extensive and more spacious. In large bathrooms, frameless doors elevate the style and beauty of the space.

Frameless shower enclosures are glass panels held together by clips, hinges, or caulking joints to seal them in place. There is no metal framing around the glass to support it. You will need to install a rubber seal at the bottom of the door to prevent water from leaking.

Manufacturers use tempered or strengthened glass to make frameless shower doors and enclosures. The glass used in frameless glass shower doors is thicker than used in framed doors because of needed extra support.

Advantages of installing frameless glass shower doors

  • Adaptable

Frameless glass shower doors are versatile. Their minimalistic design makes them perfect to fit into any bathroom style. They are also easy to customize, making them flexible.

  • Easy to clean

Frameless shower doors are easier to clean than framed doors because they do not have channels that allow debris to collect and mold to grow. In addition, since these doors do not have frames, you do not have to replace corroded parts or stains on the glass.

  • Modern design

Frameless shower doors look elegant and bring a modern feel to your bathroom. It is considered an upscale design and adds value to your house.

  • Customizable

Frameless glass shower doors have the option of using custom glass. As a result, you can choose a unique design that reflects your taste and style, not in other bathrooms.

Cons of frameless glass shower doors

  1. Frameless glass shower doors are more costly than framed doors.
  2. Due to the lack of a frame, they can cause water leakage outside the shower area.

You can choose from a variety of frameless shower designs available in the market.

  • Single door frameless shower

The single shower door is ideal if walls surround your shower section. You can install a frameless shower door and support it using a full back hinge. Adding a doorknob will ensure accessibility. Additionally, you can customize the door to fit the size of your shower opening.

  • 90-degree glass shower door

You will need a 90-degree glass shower door if your shower is in the corner of the bathroom, but there is no separate shower section. Instead, you will get a square or rectangle shower enclosure by attaching two glass panels at a 90- degree angle. You mount the glass panels to the wall, and one panel has hinges to make a door.

You can use this enclosure for a bathtub as well.

  • Inline door and panel frameless glass shower door

Inline door and panel frameless glass shower door is the best option if the shower opening has a larger measurement than 33 inches; therefore needs another option than the single glass door. A glass panel is added to the door to cover the extra area.

  • Neo angle frameless glass shower door

The neo-angle shower enclosure uses three or more glass panels attached at 45 and 135 degrees. The corners make a diamond or multi-corner shape enclosure. This shape is suitable if you want your shower entrance to be along a straight wall but not in a corner.

  • Partial glass shower door or splash guards

A partial glass door or splash guard prevents water from splashing out of the bathtub or shower and pooling on the floor. A splash guard takes up a small space and will make a small bathroom feel more spacious.  Additionally, partial glass doors are cheaper, easy to install and maintain.

Buy customized frameless glass shower doors

The main advantage of using frameless glass shower doors is that you can customize them to suit the design and size of your shower area. In addition, you can conveniently order your frameless glass shower door online from and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Ensure that you take accurate measurements of the space you will install your door. Please submit a request detailing your custom requests, and our experts will review it to design the product according to your specifications. We will send you the design draft and costs to review, and if you are satisfied, you can confirm the order. You can then wait for the custom glass shower door delivered to your doorstep.

At, we aim to deliver high-quality custom glass shower doors and ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, we guarantee you the highest quality glass products at prices that will fit your budget.