While glass may seem like a fragile and unsafe material to use for railings, it is stronger and safer than it looks. Glass railings consist of tempered or strengthened glass and laminated glass stronger than regular glass. In addition, the glass used does not shatter when broken, making it safe for use in your home. The glass and stainless steel hardware used in glass railings is corrosion and rust-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Glass railings are gaining popularity not only in homes but in office buildings, malls, and restaurants. Interior designers use glass railings because they bring a chick, minimalistic and modern look. At Glassupply.com, we create the highest quality custom and frameless glass railings that meet your structural and design requirements.

Whether you are searching for glass railings for your home or commercial space, Glassupply.com has a vast selection of glass railings to choose from. If you are searching for ways to incorporate glass railings into your indoor or outdoor spaces, the following ideas will help you add sophistication to your room.

Frameless glass railing for staircase

Glass railings for staircases are an excellent way to achieve a high-end look in your space. Glass railings are versatile and compliment any interior design. Additionally, glass reflects light to make dark rooms appear brighter, feel spacious, and improve the room’s aesthetics. You will also prevent accidental falls since the glass is a physical barrier.

You can get customized glass staircase railing from Glassupply.com. A customized railing will ensure that it fits perfectly in your space. In addition, bring a unique and personalized touch to your interior.

Installing your glass staircase railing using standoffs will result in a minimalistic chic look that elevates your home’s aesthetic.

Glass railing for your balcony

Installing a glass railing on your balcony will improve the façade of your house. Glass adds a modern and sleek look to any building. Moreover, a glass railing will enhance your view and improve security by preventing accidental falls.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can choose from various tinted, frosted and patterned glass panels. You can get customized glass balcony railings that fit the style of the building and the size of your balcony.

Contact us at Glassupply.com for easy to install glass railings. We provide you with step-by-step DIY installation guides, videos, and online/phone support to help you get a flawless end product.

Glass pool railings

The safety of your pets and children is paramount, which is why installing glass pool fencing is an excellent solution. Glass pool railings will provide a physical barrier that prevents accidents. In addition, glass railings consist of laminated or tempered safety glass that is hard to break and is shatterproof, making it safe to use.

Glass railing for decks

Glass barriers create a feeling of openness and make the space seem vast. Glass reflects light, making the room brighter. Moreover, glass deck railings are light and minimalistic, giving them an airy and delicate appearance to your building. Installing a glass railing on your deck will not only enhance safety but increases the beauty of your home.

Modernhitecture incorporates glass railing systems that transform your space. Additionally, a wide variety of glass types and hardware finishes allow you to be creative and create a unique look.

Advantages of using glass railing

  • Glass is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Gla.ss railing panels and stainless steel hardware used are resistant to effects from the weather. As a result, they do not corrode or rust even with years of exposure to water or crack from exposure to sunlight. You can enjoy unobstructed views all year round.

  • Glass can withstand extreme temperatures.

Unlike other materials such as wood, the glass railing can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking. The tempered or laminated glass is strong and safe to use for you and your family.

  • Glass railing requires minimum maintenance

Glass requires minimum maintenance compared to traditional hardwood railings that require you to treat, stain or paint them regularly. On the other hand, glass needs cleaning using soap and water or ordinary glass cleaner.

  • Glass railings are easy to customize

You can get customized glass railings to fit your space and style. You can choose frosted or patterned glass for added privacy and hardware that complement your design.

  • Glass railings are easy to assemble.

If you love DIY projects, you can easily install your glass railing and save costs.

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