Glass top tables are functional and make your home feel modern and chic. If you want to jump on this modern trend but do not want to buy a new table, you can DIY a unique table right at home. All you need is to be creative and have a tempered glass tabletop from

Let us explore some great DIY table ideas.

  • Concrete base glass tables

Concrete and cinderblocks make great table bases to match modern and industrial-themed living rooms. You can buy the cinderblocks from a home improvement store, and you are ready to go. If you are more creative, you can mould your unique concrete bases. In addition, you will need rubber pads to protect the glass tabletop and felt furniture pads to keep the concrete from damaging your floor.

  • Reclaimed wood and tree stumps

If you want a unique table base, you can carve the wood into any shape and design. You can build the legs of the table with reclaimed wood from your local lumberyard. You can also stack the beams or cut notches to fit the beams together without nails.

A great way you can upcycle a tree stump is to make it a base for your table. If you have small stumps, you can bundle them to make the base sturdy. A wooden table base adds a natural and rustic feel to your décor. Additionally, if you use a tempered glass tabletop, you can use the table on your patio or outdoors.

  • Upcycle old car tires

A glass table bottom that uses repurposed car tires is a great way to recycle and create an eye-catching piece of furniture. You can stack the tires to your desired height and paint them to make them pop. Moreover, you can fill the space in the tires with trinkets or flowers to make them stand out.

  • Old wine barrels

You can reuse old wine and whisky barrels and create attractive table bottoms. Moreover, you can split the table and use half a barrel. Filling the barrel with corks will start a conversation starter among your guests.

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