A home makeover is a great way to transform your home. However, the high cost of a home makeover may discourage most homeowners from taking on such a big project. If you want to elevate the interior of your home on a budget, you can use glass tabletops to add elegance to your home.

If you want to instantly upgrade your furniture, you can add a glass top to your old table. Customized tabletops help you find the right fit for your project. Contact us at Glassupply.com for your custom cut glass tabletops.

Glass tabletops elevate the décor of your home in various ways;

  1. Glass tabletops reflect natural light making the room feel spacious and brighter. Bright and airy rooms make people feel welcome and more relaxed.
  2. You can use glass tabletops to protect the surface of your furniture. The glass will protect wood, fabric, and metallic base from damage. Glass is resistant to chemicals, air, rust, and scratches.
  3. Glass tabletops use strengthened or tempered glass, which can withstand pressure and high temperatures without cracking. Tempered glass ensures that you can get the most use of your glass furniture.
  4. Glass is more hygienic. You can easily clean and disinfect it better than other surfaces. We are growing more aware of the need to keep our environment clean, and glass surfaces are easier to keep sanitized.
  5. Glass tabletops enhance the aesthetics of your space. Glass furniture adds class and makes your rooms feel elegant and chic.

The beauty of glass tabletops is the shiny surface that displays the beauty of the table bottom and enhances the room’s design. Therefore, you need to protect your glass tabletop from damage to prolong its durability.

You can use rubber bumpers with anti-skid properties that ensure that the glass tabletops do not slide off. It is easier to prevent your glass from getting scratches than trying to get them off. You can prevent scratches by placing a protective cover on the glass. In addition, avoid placing utensils with sharp edges that can cause scratches.

Tables are functional pieces of furniture that you use daily, and you cannot avoid placing hot plates, mugs, and other things on the glass tabletop. You can protect the glass tabletop surface by placing table runners, placemats, and coasters.

Glass is fragile and can easily break. You can prevent accidents by placing your glass tables away from high traffic paths where people could constantly bump into them.  It would also be ideal for keeping your table away from areas where you are likely to put many items on it.

If you need custom-cut glass, contact us at Glassupply.com and order tabletop glass cut to your specifications to ensure the perfect fit for your table base. Also, we carry glasses of various thicknesses, polish the edges for a smooth finish and use tempered glass for extra strength.

Contact us at Glassupply.com for your glass tabletop, and we will deliver it to your doorstep. Our products have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest assured of our quality.