is well-established as the ‘go-to’ place for the customization of mirrors for interior design companies and individuals alike. The custom black framed mirror has become the most popular seller, basically because it’s simple but elegant design is so multifunctional. In a rectangular, elongated shape with a wooden frame, the custom black framed mirror is pure sophistication. Sophistication and multifunctionality are key to interior design, where one item can make or break the look you are aiming for.

Black is Always Trending

Contrary to some in the interior design industry, black has never been out of fashion. Black is just one of those colours that is timeless and can always be used to add style or to provide interest to space, in one form or another. Wood is another tangible material that has always been popular due to the warmth provided by its natural texture. Sophisticated design and a custom black matte mirror frame will also add depth to the blank canvas of wall space where nothing else seems to work.

Popular Spaces for Mirrors

Mirrors are well-known to improve the look of a particular space and to increase the illusion of size in small areas. Having said this, the black mirror can be customized to size and style on the to add intrigue to any area of the private home or commercial buildings. Placing this object in a foyer gets immediate attention because it is attractive firstly, and secondly because of its usefulness in this space. Sitting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and passageways are also all popular destinations to hang mirrors as focal points of interest.

The Modern Black Mirror and Foyers

Take the basic bath mirror and dress it up with the simplicity of black wood or a more elaborate frame for your foyer. Bare in mind that the foyer is typically a very small area so the size of the mirror should be proportionate to avoid overwhelming the space. Additional interest can be used to dress up a small mirror with a carved wooden frame or one, which has two or more layers to increase the appeal.

Ensure that the frame is not too heavy for the size of the mirror or the foyer area otherwise a striking design may turn into an eyesore. The contemporary matte black mirror design is intended to be sleek rather than overwhelming. Having said this, some foyer spaces lend themselves to much larger mirrors where covering an entire wall may accommodate a stunning black matte framed mirror.

Modern Black Matte Mirrors for Sitting Rooms

Achieve a similar look for your sitting room as the mirror on the below, hung in a vertical position rather than horizontal. The hanging position should be adjusted for the wall space where the mirror is to be hung and can serve as either a central focal point, or as one of several wall-mounted attractions in the sitting area. The beauty of the modern black matte mirror is that a variety of frames, sizes and shapes can be selected to enhance the living area.

Source: Premier Collections (2018)

The horizontally positioned mirror below is a case in point. Choose a plain black matte frame or something more ornate to suit your personal preferences and to match the rest of your interior décor. The versatility of the black matte mirror is indisputable. A vast array of frames is available from the basic to the more elaborate when decorating your interior.

Source: Overstock (2018)

The Perfect Bedroom Mirror

Interior décor must account for available wall space for mounted or floor mirrors. The ornate black frame below speaks of a more lavish style. Bedrooms and sitting rooms are favourable spaces to show off a little, particularly for the extrovert. Again, the horizontal or vertical mounting style will be dictated by the wall area available. This custom black framed mirror is an ideal selection for the customer who appreciates a more eclectic style whereas the simple black frame speaks to a more streamlined aesthetic taste. Customize your black framed mirror to make an understated statement of elegance or simplicity.

Source: (2018)

Black Matte Mirrors and Bathrooms

To give you an idea, see the black, matte framed mirror below. This is one example of using the simple but elegant design in a bathroom space. Here, the clean lines of this modern black framed mirror are quite clear to the observer. It is not necessary to an interior design expert to appreciate how the basic lines of this item add value and interest to this bathroom area.

Providing a practical purpose and a point of interest, the contemporary rectangular black mirror design is appropriate for small and large areas. When used in a small space such as the bathroom, the optical illusion provided by this rectangular shape appear to increase the size of the room. Just one more benefit of the custom black framed mirror that customers can use.

Passageways are Ideal for Elegant Black Mirrors

Passageways are another home space that lend themselves well to mounted mirrors. One can customize their mirror sizes to fit any space. Hang three in a row with the points directed at the ceiling or floor, two elongated mirrors at different heights in the passageway or simply order a long vertical, rectangular mirror for this often-neglected area of the home. Selecting several modern black matte wooden mirrors in various sizes and using these as an art decoration in themselves can become a conversation piece.

Source: Framed Canvass Art (2018)

Source: (2018)

Source: (2018)

Don’t be afraid to play around with new styles, shapes and sizes when introducing new décor to spice up your living space. Adding trendy designs or objects with longevity are a personal expression of your interior décor, which reflects your personality. Have fun with the customization of your black framed mirrors to enjoy a lasting piece of art, which you can take pleasure in for many years to come.