We all want to start the day with confidence that we look great. The vanity is an important part of every day because you can access your accessories and use mirrors to ensure that you look great.

Let us explore four fabulous ways you can make your vanity gorgeous and look beautiful for every occasion.

  • Create space for your vanity room

The first step is to ensure that you have enough space for a vanity. If you have a spare room, you might consider utilizing that. However, if you do not have an entire room available, you can create space in your bathroom, next to the bathroom, in your closet, or inside your bedroom.

  • Furnish your vanity area

Your vanity is where you will arrange your makeup and accessories, and the furniture you choose should be functional. A table with a flat surface is an excellent idea because you can place your makeup, lighting, and mirror safely. In addition, you need a stool or bench to sit on when getting ready.

You can choose a glass side table to make your vanity stand out. Visit Glassupply.com and browse our vast collection of glass tabletops at an affordable price. If you do not have space to spare, you can make your vanity multifunctional. Your nightstand can double up as your vanity as well.

  • Install your vanity mirror

Your vanity space is incomplete without your dressing mirror. A perfect mirror will ensure that you can see your reflection and look your best. You can choose a mirror with LED lights to make your space brighter.

If you want the highest quality mirrors, visit Glassupply.com and choose from our vast selection of framed and frameless mirrors.  In addition, we customize your mirror to suit your style and space.

  • Organize your vanity space

An organized vanity space will help you make the most of your vanity space and save you time when getting ready. You can install glass shelves to give you additional storage space without taking up too much space. In addition, you can install them above your vanity table or utilize a corner in the room.

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