For most swimming pool owners, safety is of paramount importance. For other homeowners, added beauty and value are the prime factors in complementing a backyard pool with an extra touch of luxury.

In any case, custom, DIY-installed frameless glass pool fencing is the best option to achieve a stylish inground pool look AND guarantee security of swimmers during the summer (or year round if weather in your location allows it).

If you are thinking about getting a glass fence to improve your pool but are not sure about how to go about choosing a fence, you can find the information in this article.

You will be satisfied with your read and will know a lot more about frameless glass fencing, the preferred choice of architects, contractors and builders for home construction, but also multi-family apartments, condos and hotels across the United States and Canada.

Glass railings are the perfect safety barrier go-to, allowing a pleasing and clear overall view of your pool and backyard. They are mandated by the American and Canadian regulations as the preferred way to keep people safe around swimming pools, providing an uninterrupted view of your yard and making it easy to monitor children at all times.

Hand polished to perfection and made from premium quality ½” thick (12mm) clear tempered safety glass, 48” high panels for your pool fence are available in widths from 8” to 65” (200mm to 1650mm), in compliance with the North American (Canada / USA) safety glass requirements.

A sharp-looking pool glass railing provided by Glassandmirror not only exceeds the minimum safety requirements for your pool fencing, but also offers a range of different shapes to fit your pool enclosure.

To suit the look of any home, many hardware designs and colors are available, so you can choose whether the enclosure will become a feature of your garden or blend into the existing surroundings.

Frameless glass pool fencing is preferable and more aesthetically pleasing than aluminum or wrought iron railings, as it is timeless and not affected with changes in your backyard decoration or ornamentation. Traditional pool fencing requires maintenance and eventually replacement.

Thus, there is no reason to pass on a Glassandmirror custom and easy-to-install pool glass railing, delivered to your home.

Before you begin to build your pool railing and get your quote with the online planner, here is what you need to now about frameless glass pool fencing.


If you are seeking modern, streamlined, non-invasive and superior frameless glass pool fencing, the Glassandmirror product range will be sure to impress.

Glass railings are custom fabricated to the specifications of your project. We have many options available enabling you to create a truly unique railing.

That starts with the different shapes available for your railing. You can’t go wrong. There is a shape available to meet your need and exhibit the elegance that you expect from your pool, and it can also enhance your balcony, patio or deck area.

As you will see below, your frameless glass pool fencing can easily be tailored to fit the most difficult pool or deck application.


Enclosed Fence

Most popular pool glass fence type, fully surrounding an inground pool.


U-Shaped Fence

Ideal for pool decks or inground pools directly annexed to your home.


L-Shaped Fence

For cornered inground pools.


Inline Fence

The simplest frameless glass pool railing system, for pools enclosed between three walls.

Irregular Shapes

Best option for irregular-shaped concrete slabs would be to order separate inline frameless glass fences and link them at the corners with appropriate 45, 90, 135 or 180-degree glass-to-glass connectors – the same brackets used to attach basic fence panels. Once your order is placed, the supplier will review it thoroughly and get in touch with you for particularities or adjustments if needed.

You can also install glass railings for your pool deck staircase. Follow this link to learn more about Staircase Glass Railings.

About Gates

Of course, gates are required regardless of your frameless glass pool fencing setup. The Glassandmirror fence planner obviously has an option for that. You want to make sure your pool is safely enclosed, without detracting from the aesthetics.

Glass railings feature a child-safe gate locking system using the latest technology in self-closing latches, with solid 316 stainless steel mechanisms and hinging that is suitable both for summer and winter.

Glass gates can be hinged either to other glass panels or to a concrete wall, depending on your fence shape.

Plus, all railing hardware is available in different durable, long-wearing colors and finishes to add to the overall appeal and value of your home: chrome or matte black.

With all these options, receiving a long glass railing for your pool at home might sound as quite a worrying process to some when, in fact, it should be the opposite when you learn about doorstep delivery…


Think about it. After you order your glass panels online from the comfort from your home, all you have to do is wait to get it delivered to your doorstep.

You can leave a note upon checkout giving delivery details, like if you want the product left on your front porch or in your backyard, or any other important specifications you need to bring to the attention of the carrier.

That is true for customers in most locations across the United States and Canada, where glass fences are delivered in 10 to 14 business days, sometimes free of charge depending on the size of the delivery….

And shipping glass does not mean your order is at risk of breakage. In rare cases of damaged orders during shipping, your glass can be reshipped, free of charge. Partner carriers are used to shipping large and fragile items. They go the extra mile – pun intended – to make sure your frameless glass deck railing system arrives in pristine condition.

So not only do you save money on your glass fence order, you also save the hassle of managing logistics.

In fact, there is no hassle at all in treating yourself with a glass fence for your pool, not even with installation.

Glassandmirror frameless glass deck railing systems are expressly designed for DIY installation at home.

All documentation is available for worry-free installation. As a pool owner, you can appoint a contractor or a handyman for safe and secure installation, but is it a challenge to install frameless glass pool fencing by yourself?

Not at all when you get hardware made of highest quality grade materials available on the market, especially designed for DIY installation.


Glassandmirror agents are available for assistance when installing your DIY Glass Pool Fencing System.


Made of solid 316 stainless steel, all hardwaredeluxe square surface mount adjustable spigots and glass-to-glass or glass-to-wall connectors – is included in your price for frameless glass pool fencing quotations.

While improving the look, strength and sturdiness of your fence, deluxe adjustable surface mount spigots will fit perfectly around your pool at any angle. Clamp design allows for angled horizontal insertion of 10 to 12 mm thick glass. No pre-drilled glass holes are required to facilitate insertion.

If your floor or soil is a bit out of plumb, do not worry. You can lift the brackets by tightening or loosening the screws up to a 10 mm spigot inclination, thanks to an innovative Allen key adjustment system to level the glass to any uneven surfaces.

The spigots can be mounted to concrete, pavement, tiles and wood, and are suitable for new constructions or renovated areas.

Glass-to-glass brackets are not mandatory, but recommended as they make installation much easier, help align glass panels and improve overall glass fence toughness. They are available in multiple angles to accommodate any type of installation. Simply slide the clamps onto glass and tighten the screws using an Allen key.

Once your frameless glass pool fencing is built, it will last a lifetime, and for reasons that might surprise you…


Made of premium 1/2” thick tempered safety glass and stainless steel hardware, Glassandmirror railings are strong enough to stand up to the most extreme weather. This is why your pool glass fence purchase comes with an industry-leading 25-year warranty against product defects.

Your maintenance-free frameless glass pool railing is resistant to water spots and corrosion, durable, and will maintain its beauty for years.

This also means less hassle for years, because installing a glass fence lessens the maintenance needed on your swimming pool. Due to the height of the glass, which is 48 inches to comply with the North American building codes, railings prevent some leaves and branches from falling into the water and clogging the filtration system.

So if you have been thinking about getting a fence for a while but weren’t sure what kind of fence you should get, you now have your solution.

Look at your options through the Glassandmirror online glass fence builder. You can save as many different quotations as you want to make sure you are on budget. When you are ready, place your order and be ready to receive your frameless glass pool fencing within 14 business days to ensure your project is completed on time.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and easy to maintain, frameless glass pool fencing is your best choice – for a lifetime.