Glass Office Chair Mats

Durable | Cost Effective | Elegant

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Glass chair mats not only protect your floors from dents but add to the beauty of your office. High-quality glass mats give your office a simple elegance while providing smooth and quick movement and durable protection that will last for years.

A custom requested glass floor mat designed and cut within a week. High quality product, and fast delivery. I highly recommend

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Glass Type

Clear Glass, Ultra-Clear Glass, Bronze Glass, Grey Glass, Acid-Etch Glass



Standard Shapes: Circle, Rectangle, Square

Non-Standard Shapes: Rectangle with 1 Cutout, Rectangle with 2 Cutouts


Custom Measurements

The product is 100% manufactured to your needs. Specify your own measures and get an instant quote.



Glass cleaners, Glass-friendy wheels, Plastic Bumpers, etc.

Custom Glass Office Chair Mats Delivered to your Door

What are the advantages of glass mats over vinyl or bamboo mats?

You might be thinking that using glass as a chair mat is not such a good idea because it is fragile. However, glass chair mats made from strengthened tempered glass are stronger than ordinary glass. Advantages of using glass mats are:
1. Glass is insanely strong
Glass mats are super strong and durable. They can hold up to 1000 pounds, so you can rest easy knowing that it will not crack.
2. Glass is chic and durable
Glass mats do not discolor and are scratch-resistant. They maintain their clarity over time.
3. Anti-slip and anti-static nature of glass
Glass mats lie completely flat, do not bend or curl, and give a smooth surface for gliding. The surface is also anti-slip and anti-static.
4. Cleaning advantages
Glass mats are easy to clean. You will only need a glass cleaning solution.

Projects – Discussions on Glass Chair Mats Glass Office Chair Mats will not grind dust and dirt into your floor, ensuring that your floors are protected.