In bathroom remodeling, frameless shower doors are established as the high-end look to adopt for your enclosure. Frameless shower doors achieve a cleaner and modern look for your bathroom.

Experts are unanimous when considering a frameless shower door: Design is of prime importance – and not only because of the looks, but also for functional reasons. For every shower enclosure exists the perfect-looking AND functional glass layout.

Designers across North America prefer frameless glass panels for shower enclosures.

Frameless glass especially hits home for those who need to showcase pretty and elegant tile designs and colors. The beauty of intricate decoration and ornamentation widely benefits of an uninterrupted view.

And honestly, frameless glass just looks better in general for you shower door. Rubber or metal sealing all around your shower glass not only looks clumsy, it is also plain superfluous. If your shower head is in good function and has the correct angle, water won’t splash out of a frameless door shower enclosure.

But if you want a frameless shower glass door, you need it to perfectly fit your enclosure and you will not achieve perfection buying your shower glass from a hardware store. Custom-made frameless shower door fabrication needs to be handled by professionals.

Frameless shower doors are best bought custom-made, so there is no point in showing up in shower stores. The Glassupply innovative approach to shower glass involves online customization, doorstep delivery and easy DIY installation.

Let us guide you every step of the way to ordering the perfect frameless shower door.


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Frameless shower doors skyrocket the aesthetical grade of your bathroom, given that you can customize it to your own specific enclosure dimensions.

Ordering a custom cut frameless shower door is the only way to create a unique look for your enclosure at home. Here are the many customizable parameters: Enclosure style, layout, dimensions, glass type, thickness, hardware color and design.

Yes, a wide variety of combinations are possible pour your frameless shower door, from custom glass dimensions and shapes to hardware type and color options.

Let’s start with the enclosure style.


Single Glass Shower Door

For fully wall-enclosed shower enclosures with opening under 40″ wide.

Layout 1 A

Inline Glass Shower Door and Panel

Composed of a glass shower door and a fixed glass panel. For shower enclosures with opening over 40″ wide.

Layout 1 A (1)

90 Degree Glass Shower Door and Panel

For larger cornered shower enclosures.

Layout 1

Neo Angle Glass Shower Door

For smaller cornered shower enclosures.

Seeking a no-look door? Browse the Glassupply splash guard layouts.

Each shower enclosure style includes a large quantity of layouts to choose from depending on your bathroom space specifications. Possibilities are endless, like for inline door and panel setups. Have a look :


Your frameless shower door has to be cut to perfection. Here is how this is achieved.

Measure your shower enclosure opening and order your glass shower door with the same measurements. The actual Glassupply customized glass panel cut will be tailored to fit your opening, depending on your specifications. All glass shower door orders are reviewed by experts from our shower door company to make sure everything fits.

In case of more complicated layouts such as the one you can see on the image, simply enter desired measurements related to each letter. Again, hardware and gapping adjustments will be performed correctly by Glassupply.


There is a glass type available for every style taste. What is yours?


Clear Glass

Standard clear glass or float glass has a slight green tint to the body of the glass and a very dark green edge.


Ultra Clear Glass

Ultra clear glass or extra clear glass has very little tint to the body of the glass appearing almost completely transparent, the glass edge has a very slight crystal tint.


Acid Etched Glass

Hydrofluoric acid must be applied on the glass to deliver a frosted look to its surface and produce Acid Etched Glass, or Privacy Glass.


Grey or Bronze Glass

Not typically used for shower application. Bronze glass is ordinary glass, which has been tinted and is heat-absorbing. Grey glass is more commonly known as smoked glass due to its smoky hue.


Raindown Glass

A pretty finish for a semi-intimate aspect to your shower glass door.

Pro tip

Lots of bathrooms showcase white and grey as main color combinations. Ultra-clear glass gives full transparency to your glass and does not miss on transforming your bathroom into a sparkling and vivid space.

Hardware Color

Different hardware colors are available for hingesdoorknobs and U-channels, including the trending matte black hue. Popular and more than affordable, your matte black hardware can blend in a well-decorated bathroom space. This option is only one of many in the undertaking of your bathroom layout renovation, starting with a new shower door.

According to your style needs, all shower glass types can pair with a selection of hardware finishes, including chromematte black and brushed nickel.




Matte Black


Brushed Nickel

Hardware Type

You can pick from a variety of stylish doorknobs and handles. Modern? Classic? Rounded? Square? Victorian? We have it! Have a look here.

If your bathroom features metal accents or decorative items, but still want some of the frameless look for your shower enclosure, you can go semi-frameless with aluminium U-channels available for inline, 90-degree or neo angle door-and-panel glass kits. That way, you will still get the desired minimal and pure feeling in your bathroom.

After all options are selected, it is unlikely that anything is missing from your online order. You can always choose from a larger selection of Glassupply frameless shower doors than from a local store because all online products are fully customizable. If any very special particularity needs to be handled, you can always leave a note upon checkout. There is a form for that, in which you can leave shipping details for the carrier…


Glassandmirror agents are available for assistance when installing your DIY Frameless Shower Door.


Because yes, your Glassupply frameless shower door will be delivered to your doorstep.

Glassupply can deliver you fully customized frameless shower glass doors in a mesmerizing quantity of layouts, depending on your shower type enclosure, whether you need a single glass door, a full inline door-and-panel kit, glass for a 90-degree enclosure or Neo angle door and panels.

In the delivery department, Glassupply achieves something unseen anywhere else in the industry. Swift shipping time for your custom frameless shower door hovers between 10 to 14 business days, delivered to your home anywhere across the United States and Canada – at no cost.

Once your packages arrive home, all there is left to do is to install your frameless shower door.

Does shower glass installation sound hard to you? It should not. Here are some useful pieces of information.


Glassupply frameless shower doors are designed for easy DIY installation – talk about style AND functionality! – thanks to three particularly handy features.

reversible logo


Glass doors are reversible for a right or left wall installation.

inswingout sing icon

180-Degree Door Swing

Included hardware allows 180-degree door swing; your glass door can inswing or outswing depending on your space requirements or taste.

shower tray icon

Shower Base Installation

Your shower glass can be mounted on a shower base as well as directly on the floor.

How do I measure?

If you are seeing so many designers, influencers, celebrities, and normal people flashing their frameless glass shower doors on Instagram and Pinterest, it is because this option fills the need for uniqueness. No frameless glass door is the same because you can customize yours in so many ways. That feature makes measuring essential to perfectly fitting your glass door in your bathroom.

Technical details such as gapping between bathroom walls and shower glass involved in the measurement process sometimes are a source of concern for customers. The online Glassupply shower product pages measurement options include all gapping and hardware calculations – in other words, you don’t have to worry about calculations, as your glass will be cut to fit your opening dimensions.

Out of Square Adjustment

We already hear you ask: “But what if my walls are a bit out of plumb?” or “What if my floor has a little slope?” In cases where you need out of square adjustments, there is nothing to worry about. The Glassupply shower product pages feature measurement options for all sides of your glass panels. All you have to do is measure your shower enclosure openings and order your shower glass with these measurements. Your dimensions will be reviewed and adjusted according to your layout order and glass will be custom cut to perfectly fit your enclosure – guaranteed.

To prevent any mistakes in your frameless shower door selection, Glassupply agents are involved in your online glass purchase from the beginning of your shopping process to DIY installation. Have a chat with a technician for any questions with your measurements or assistance during installation. All orders are thoroughly reviewed before production.

If you place your order and realize you miscalculated your opening dimensions, again, nothing to worry about if your frameless shower door has not been sent to cutting yet. Simply contact Glassupply with your order number and correct measurements. Your custom cut glass dimensions will be adjusted accordingly.

What if I have a pony wall?

People with a pony wall in their bathroom will want to go for a 90-degree frameless shower door and fixed panels. The fixed panels can be mounted with hinges for a fully frameless style, or aluminium U-channels for a semi-frameless look, depending on your taste.

Do I need tempered glass for my frameless shower door?

Frameless shower doors are safe for DIY installation because they are made of tempered glass, which in case of an accidental breakage shatters into hundreds of tiny harmless pieces that are soft to the touch.

American and Canadian certifications require tempered glass for your shower enclosure. Glassupply frameless shower doors products comply with North American building codes (USA and Canada), meeting the ANSI Z97.1-04, ASTM C1048 and CAN/CGSB-12.1-M90 standards.

Will frameless glass allow water leaks?

There is no sacrifice on function, as the Glassupply shower hardware is of premium quality. You can choose hinging and handles matching all of what is available on the market. Your order also includes an installation kit with PVC sealing for leak prevention. In other words, water is not allowed to splash on your bathroom floor.

What about maintenance?

Quite unexpectedly, frameless shower doors avoid mold growth in your enclosure. Free of rubber or metal, frameless glass panels can’t let water accumulate near the edges or underneath door seals. That feature also make frameless shower door easy to clean. Frameless glass is very low maintenance. Just have a standard glass cleaning product handy and do an ordinary monthly cleanup – your shower glass will keep on shining.

Pro tip: you can even avoid monthly glass cleaning if you own a small squeegee. Wipe your door clean every other shower and it’ll stay tidy all the time.


If you have any questions, Glassupply agents are available to help you get the perfect glass panels for your shower enclosure.

To summarize, here are the steps to ordering your dream frameless shower door from Glassupply:

  • Select your custom glass shower door style (single door, inline door and panel, 90-degree or neo angle) and layout
  • Measure your shower enclosure openings
  • Pick your glass thickness : 3/8” (10 mm) or ½” (12 mm)
  • Pick your glass type: Clear, Ultra-Clear, Acid Etched (for some privacy!) or Raindown
  • Pick you finish: Chrome, Matte Black or Brushed Nickel
  • Pick your door and panel hinging and hardware style: square, round, knobs, handles, towel bar combos
  • Add to your cart, leave shipping details and place your order! яндекс

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