Stickers are usually easy to remove from glass. However, we have all experienced the frustration of trying to scrub off a stubborn sticker. Sometimes the sticker leaves behind some unpleasant marks on the glass. Do not lose hope yet. We have tips to help you remove that pesky sticker using readily available household items and leave your glass clean. Let us explore how you can use hot water and soap, washing soda, heat, and baking soda with oil to remove stickers from glass surfaces.

  1. Soak the sticker in hot soapy water

Using hot soapy water is the simplest and straight forward method of removing stickers from glass. It is a commonly recommended solution that you have probably already heard or read about.

The first step is to soak the sticker in hot soapy water. You can dip the item in water if possible, or if you cannot submerge the item in water, soak a sponge or a washcloth in the water, then use it to apply the water to the sticker. The hot soapy water will help break down the bond between the glue in the sticker and the glass.

Let the sticker soak up the water for fifteen to thirty minutes, and it should soften enough for it to make it easy to peel.

You can hold one corner of the sticker and start peeling back as gently as you can. Another method is by using a blunt knife to pry the sticker off slowly. To avoid scratching the glass, you should pull the sticker off carefully using a dull knife or a razor scraper specially made to remove adhesive.

  1. Use a mixture of washing soda and hot water.

Washing soda is a common household item that you will find in any convenience store. It would be best if you handled washing soda with care because it can cause skin irritation. It is best to wear latex gloves when using this method.  It is also ideal to ensure that your pets or children do not get exposed to washing soda.

Make a mixture of hot water and washing soda. The mix works a lot like the hot soapy water to break the bond between the adhesive and the glass. If you use hard or mineral-filled water, the bond between the water and washing soda develops faster to make an aggressive foam. It is more effective than soap or baking soda mixtures.

You should cover the area surrounding the sticker with masking tape or pieces of cloth, then apply the mixture on the sticker and let it soak for at least thirty minutes or overnight if the sticker is stubborn.

Since washing soda is a strong alkaline, the sticker should easily be lifted or slide off on its own. If you are wiping off the sticker, it should quickly come off in the process.

After removing the sticker, ensure that you will rinse off the glass with cold water and dry it off with a cloth to remove any remaining washing soda residue.

  1. Apply heat.

You can use a blow drier or expose the sticker to the sun for a few hours. If you are using a blow dryer, set it to the highest temperature and blast the sticker for at least two minutes. If you want to remove the sticker from a window on your car, you can park in an area with bright sunlight.

The heat will melt the adhesive and make it easy to peel off the glass. You should remove the sticker as soon as it starts to detach from the glass. You can use a blunt knife to remove the sticker carefully. If you leave the glass to cool off, the sticker will bond harder to the glass.

If some residue is left on the glass by the glue, use soap or any other cleaning agent to wipe it off. Rinse the glass with cold water and dry it with a clean cloth to leave your glass smooth.

  1. Use baking soda with oil.

Baking soda is an alkaline product that you can use to dissolve adhesives, grease, and dirt. You can use this method if using hot water and soap fails.

Baking soda is preferable to using washing soda because it is not toxic and safe to use around your kids and pets. You only need to mix baking soda with a little oil, and you are ready to go. You can use any oil to mix with baking soda.

You will need to cover the area around the sticker with paper or cloth to protect it. You should try your best to protect surfaces like wood, fabric, or plastic that can easily be damaged by the mixture.

If you accidentally drop the mixture on your skin or another surface, clean it up quickly and will likely not cause any damage.

Apply the mixture on the sticker, rub it in, and leave it to be absorbed for ten to fifteen minutes. You can leave the paste on overnight if the sticker is stubborn.

The glue and the sticker will soften and become easy to wipe away. You can gently scrub away the sticker if you need to with an abrasive cloth.


You can use everyday household products to remove stickers stuck on the glass. Hot soapy water is the most common solution. However, if that does not do the trick, you can use baking soda and oil, heat, or washing soda if the sticker is incredibly stubborn. Remember to protect your hands and surrounding surfaces if you use baking soda and oil or washing soda.

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