Textured Glass has such an appeal because of the multitude of uses it can provide to those looking to style their home in a unique and beautiful way. As a functional, decorative and structural building material, it has proven to provide endless architectural possibilities in any room in your house.

With textured glass, also called patterned glass, you can personalize your home in a way that goes well beyond the standard paint color choice or choosing between which curtains work best. With a wide range in textures you can create ambiance, movement or even privacy to any room. This decorative element will add beauty and depth to any home and is easily installed by yourself, saving on costs without sacrificing style.

Why is Textured Glass Such an Affordable Specialized Product?

In the past, textured glass was called kiln-cast glass, as it is made by stacking sheets of glass on-top of handcrafted molds before placing them in kilns. The kilns are kept at extremely hot temperatures causing the glass to melt into the mold and take its shape. After the glass has cooled, the piece is removed from the mold revealing what is called the textured face. As the molds used to create textured glass are handmade, the range of products available to consumers is quite expansive allowing for solutions of all sizes, shapes and styles.

What Textured Glass items are available?

At Glassupply, we offer an extensive selection of 32 unique textured glass options to meet both your functional and aesthetic needs. From our Clear Wire Glass to the Gingoshi, whatever it is you’re looking for we’ve got you covered! Get started by taking a look at all the Glassupply patterned glass models and finishes.

Patterned Glass (3)

How Can Textured Glass Be Incorporated Into Your Home?

Textured glass can be used in a variety of ways to create a personalized design suited for your house.

Design Element

Patterned glass has boundless application uses that can help you create an individualized look to match you and your family’s specific design style. The applications are endless with textured Glass. It can be used in any way you can think up and that’s part of the product’s charm.

Textured glass applications include:


Shower Glass


Outdoor Furniture


Kitchen Backsplash


Windows and Doors




Glass Tabletops


Glass Shelves


Glass Panels

Light Feature

The glacial appearance of textured glass creates beautiful and practical effects when combined with either natural or artificial light. The different textures allow controlled levels of light to come through skylights, windows and doors, creating either a softening effect or one that diffuses natural light into your home. This feature of patterned glass also allows for the light to come through while retaining privacy.


Textured glass isn’t just about beauty or adding your personalized style your home. The practical application of patterned glass includes creating a sense of privacy. The importance of privacy is such a big part of today’s society that adding this extra element of protection can make you feel even more comfortable at home.

Glassupply offers a specific type of textured glass known as frosted glass or privacy glass. This frosted model called Acid Etched can be used in various ways including in bathroom showers or windows for further privacy. On top of that, frosted glass can be treated to create a multitude of different designs on the glass itself.


Glassupply agents can help you find the perfect way to incorporate textured glass into your home in a way that suits your needs.

Can I Custom Design How I Want to Use Textured Glass in my Home?

Glassupply allows you to create any textured glass haven that you can imagine. Our innovative approach to remodeling with patterned glass gives you the ability to customize any part of your home exactly how you want.

Glassupply will cut your glass from the information you provide in your online order, helping you avoid going to a physical location where existing material dimensions might not correspond with your specific design. Possibilities for creativity multiply!

When ordering textured glass, the product page will help guide you to find what works for you and your home. Parameters, such as dimensions or thickness, are given for each product. You can respond to each element asked in the ordering process to get the exact look you were going for without any hassle.

Pick one of the products below and see for yourself.

Acid Etch

$171.17 View Product


$89.26 View Product

What is the installation process for textured glass?

Glassupply specifically designs its products, including textured glass, to be easily installed by you. After spending the time designing and deciding how you would like to incorporate patterned glass into your home, you’ll love the ability to bring this project to life yourself. No need to hire a contractor or an installation team.

High-quality textured Glass can be safely and easily DIY installed as soon as it’s delivered, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your creation the day it arrives, thanks to the available hardware. However, if you do run into any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our Glassupply agents free of charge.

How to Get Your Textured Glass

Glassupply ships all products across North America, including textured glass in 10 to 14 business days. Additionally, as a small gesture for shopping with Glassupply, free shipping is offered on all orders over $150 before tax.

Glassupply’s online ordering process could not be easier. Our online shop provides any information you are looking for. For example, specific product details, sizes and glass type information is all readily available whenever you are shopping. Once you have placed your order, any additional details as well as shipment tracking information will be sent to you by email so you’ll know when you can get started on installing your textured glass.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, that’s why we make sure all clients have the opportunity to get guidance throughout their ordering process. Whether it be to find your tracking number or suggestions on what styles to pick, we’re here to help.

We don’t just provide personalized products, but personalized service as well. From A to Z, we will help you create the textured glass design of your dreams. AND this can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Our service does not end once your product is delivered and installed. If you have any questions about maintenance or how to add any additional textured glass elements to your home, we are always available to help.

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