Glass chair mats do not only look great; they are functional. They help you move well without denting hardwood floors and carpets. Glass chair mats made from tempered glass are also easy to clean and durable so that you will use them for years.

To get the best experience, you should make sure that you have the right size that fits your workspace. The following tips will help you select the right fit.

How big is your work area?

It makes sense that you should buy a small mat for a small workspace. Glass chair mats are not designed to hold large furniture and desks or cabinets should not be placed on them. Therefore, please do not buy a too big mat; it will look out of place, and you will risk damaging it. It would be best if you purchased a mat that fits your workspace.

 What shape will work for your workspace?

When thinking of the glass mat you should buy, you should consider your daily movement. Ask yourself the following questions; which direction do you roll? What is the shape of your desk? When you answer these questions, you will get the mat that fits well, looks good, and works well in your office space. At, we provide you with glass office mats in a variety of shapes. We also custom make mats to fit your needs.

How frequently do you use your office?

If you do not use your office often, you could use a cheap chair mat because you will not use it. However, if, like most people, you use your office regularly, you need a high-quality mat. A cheap glass mat will break easily. A high-quality mat is an investment that will be worth your money.

It is essential to consider all this before choosing the glass office chair mat. Your personal preference is also significant, but you should also consider your workplace’s size, the shape that will fit your workspace, and how often you will use it.

At, we supply high-quality glass office chair mats. We guarantee you durable, efficient, sustainable, and comfortable glass mats. We stock mats in various sizes and shapes and work with you to create custom designs to fit your style.