We primarily use mirrors to check our reflections before going outside. You can also use mirrors as part of the décor to add brightness in a dull room or make a small space seem more significant. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right size of the mirror.

Small mirrors are ideal for fixing hair and putting on makeup, but you need full-length mirrors to check your head-to-toe appearance. You should also position your mirror well to be able to view your outfit well.

What is a full-length mirror?

A full-length mirror is 48 inches in height or taller. Although you may see your full body reflection on a shorter mirror, it might not give true reflection like a full-length mirror. A shorter mirror might make you seem heavier or thinner than you are.

Different types of full-length mirrors

  • Full-length wall mirrors.

Wall mirrors are a common type of mirror that allows you to see your total reflection without taking up floor space which is great if you live in a small apartment. You can add style to the room by choosing a unique frame for the mirror. Wall mirrors are also cheaper than standing mirrors.

Ensure that the mirror’s bottom edge is off the floor to prevent damage to the mirror during daily activities such as vacuuming. You can hang the mirror a few inches above the wall baseboard. Adjust it to your height and be able to see your shoes.

  • Full-length door mirror

A full-length door mirror is ideal if you lack wall and floor space to mount a mirror. You can mount mirrors on bedroom, bathroom, or closet doors. They are easy to mount since most come with hooks; therefore, you do not need to put any holes in the door. However, you need to ensure that your door is strong enough to support it.

  • Freestanding full-length mirror

A freestanding mirror is an excellent choice if you have the floor space or do not like the look of a wall or door mirror. Floor standing mirrors can easily fit in corners and other tight spaces and can easily be folded and stored away.

How to choose the best full-length mirror

It would be best if you kept in mind a few things when selecting the full-length mirror to suit your room and needs.

  • Space available

The amount of space you have available will determine the type of full-length mirror you can buy. For instance, if you do not have enough floor space, you can consider a wall or door mirror. You can also use the mirror to make a small room feel larger.

  • Room design and style

It would help if you chose the mirror that complements the style in your room. Select a frame that is in sync with the existing décor. You can choose a white rectangle floor mirror for a sleek look or an oval mirror for a vintage feel. Frameless mirrors bring a modern sense and are versatile with any room design.

  • Function

The intended use will determine the type of mirror you choose. You can use mirrors as focal points or get extra storage space. If you want to use the mirror as a focal point, you will pay more attention to the material of the frame, shape, and colour. A full-length mirror jewellery armoire will give you added storage space.

Tips when placing your full-length mirror

The angle with which you hang the mirror affects your reflection. Slightly tilting your mirror will give you a better reflection, while placing it in the corner will reflect the background more. Ensure that you position your mirror corresponding to how tall you are.

The light in the room should be bright enough and flattering. If you place your mirror in a dark corner, your reflection will be dull and full of shadows. Instead, set your dressing mirror opposite the window or behind a light fixture to catch the most light.  Use bright overhead light fixtures or place your dressing mirror in a well-lit area. You can also add LED lights around the mirror.

If you want the best reflection, you should buy a high-quality mirror with low iron content.

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