It is challenging to make a small home feel more spacious and brighter without spending a lot of money or making significant structural changes. Increasing your apartment’s floor space with significant remodeling projects that involve knocking down walls may not be affordable or practical. However, a few interior design tips are all you need to make your home appear bigger without breaking the bank.

Use glass and mirrors to reflect light

  • Glass shelves

It is essential to be creative when looking for storage solutions in small apartments. You can utilize vertical spaces by installing floating glass shelves. Glass shelves installed on walls, neglected corners, and many other areas around the house are a great way to add storage space while not compromising style.

  • Hang mirrors on walls

You can use clear glass and mirrors in creative ways to make your spaces seem more significant and make your house appear modern and chic. Mirrors have the effect of making a small space feel much more extensive. They also make the room brighter by reflecting the light. You can hang large framed mirrors or stand an oversized mirror in a corner. Place the mirrors opposite a window to double the light in the room.

  • Use glass tabletops

Traditional table material such as wood may make the room feel darker and crowded. Use glass for your counter and tabletops. Glass tabletops on various bases, such as wood or trunks, will be functional while making the room feel larger.

  • Install glass backsplash in the kitchen

Use laminated glass backsplash. You can use glass backsplash pieces to add brightness and style in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you have a small and dull bathroom, installing glass shower doors and enclosures is an excellent way to make it feel spacious and brighter.

  • Make the most of your view with a glass wall.

If you have a fantastic view of a natural feature of even a back garden, a glass wall will turn the scene into your wallpaper as well as make space seem more significant.

Declutter the house

Small spaces need to be well planned out and utilized. Organize your rooms and get rid of unnecessary things. The ultimate solution to keeping your home clutter-free is to ensure you have enough storage.

Glass cabinets and glass shelves will give you more storage space while making the room feel bigger. You can add glass doors to existing cupboards or use mirrored cabinets to help reflect the light and improve the room’s aesthetic.

Choose furniture that complements the wall colors

Choose functional furniture without cluttering the space. Furniture that matches the color of the wall blend in better and makes the room seem larger. Choose glass counters and tabletops that reflect light and opens up space.

Dark walls make the room feel small, cozy, and constricting. Choose bright light colors for your walls to expand your space. Avoid brilliant white that can make a room feel cold. Use cool tones of blue and green to make the space airy and open.  In addition, you can camouflage things like radiators that you do not want visible by painting them the same color as the wall.

Choose dark floors to give contrast to the light-colored rooms. Dark walls make the room feel warmer and welcoming, and your walls seem taller.

It is best to ensure practical use of available floor space and remove doors that divide spaces without much practical use, such as between the dining room and living room. Open spaces will make the house seem more prominent and allow the light and eyes to travel uninterrupted.

Another interior design trick is to choose wallpaper designs with vertical patterns because they will make your wall seem taller and draw the eyes upwards.

Increase light in the room

Naturally, our eyes get drawn to open spaces and light. Letting in more light or adding light fixtures will make any small room feel larger. You can allow in as much light as possible by;

  1. Expose the entire window by installing curtain rods that extend beyond the window. Wider curtain rods will allow you to pull the curtains far enough for the window to let in enough light.
  2. Install clear laminated glass windows. Translucent windows do not let in enough light. Clean your windows regularly to keep them shiny, which will improve the quality of light that gets into the house.
  • Increase the number of light sources in each room. You can install lights at different heights to illuminate the room from different depths. Low and direct light will work perfectly with a standing floor lamp.
  1. Placing lights outside the windows is an unusual but effective way to give a visual feeling of added space. It will draw the eye outside the room.

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