The racetrack oval glass tabletop is ideal for achieving a unique new look for your dining room. The oval racetrack shape is trendy and enhances the aesthetics of your home.

The oval racetrack glass tabletop is unconventional, and you can use it to add fun and personality to your furniture. At, we customize glass products to suit your needs.

Here are some reasons why glass tabletops are a fantastic option for you.

  1. Glass tabletops reflect natural light making the room feel spacious and brighter. Bright and airy rooms make people feel welcome and more relaxed.
  2. You can use glass tabletops to protect the surface of your furniture. The glass will protect wood, fabric, and metallic base from damage. Glass is resistant to chemicals, air, rust, and scratches.
  3. Glass tabletops use strengthened or tempered glass, which can withstand pressure and high temperatures without cracking. Tempered glass ensures that you can get the most use of your glass furniture.
  4. Glass is more hygienic. You can easily clean and disinfect it better than other surfaces. We are growing more aware of the need to keep our environment clean, and glass surfaces are easier to keep sanitized.
  5. Glass tabletops enhance the aesthetics of your space. Glass furniture adds class and makes your rooms feel elegant and chic.
  6. Glass tabletops are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose the form that fits your design and style and uses the amount of space available.

You can order customized glass tabletops for your dining room in a few simple steps:

  1. Ensure that you take accurate measurements of the table bottom.
  2. Please submit a request detailing your custom requests, and our experts will review it to design the product according to your specifications.
  3. We will send you the design draft and costs to review, and if you are satisfied, you can confirm the order. You can then wait for the custom glass tabletop, which we deliver to your doorstep.

You need to protect your glass tabletop from damage to prolong its durability. The beauty of glass tabletops is the shiny surface that displays the beauty of the table bottom and enhances the room’s design.

Here are some tips to keep your glass tabletop beautiful.

  • Use rubber bumpers to protect your glass tabletop.

You can use rubber bumpers with anti-skid properties that ensure that the glass tabletops do not slide off.

  • Avoid scratching your glass tabletop surface.

It is easier to prevent your glass from getting scratches than trying to get them off. Do not place rough items that can cause scratches on the glass surface, such as glasses. You can prevent scratches by placing a protective cover on the glass.

  • Use table runners, placemats, and coasters.

We cannot avoid placing hot plates, mugs, and other things on the glass tabletop. You can protect the glass tabletop surface by placing table runners, placemats, and coasters.

Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of the glass surface

The most efficient way to maintain the sparkle of your glass tabletop is to clean it regularly. You should include dusting and cleaning your glass tabletop in your daily household chores.

Cleaning your glass is quick and easy using home cleaners. If you prefer a simpler glass cleaner, you can make it using everyday household items. Pour one cup of vinegar into four cups of water. Spray a tiny quantity on the glass and wipe it.

Clean your glass table surface regularly. Wipe away any spills as soon as possible from glass surfaces to prevent stains from forming. Additionally, it would be best to choose ammonia-based glass cleaners that do not leave streaks on the glass. Ensure to use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass surface. You can polish your glass tabletop using old newspapers or coffee filters.

You can get customized glass tables from to fit your design. Your table should complement the room’s style and décor and use different table bases depending on your design. Consequently, you can choose a wooden table base if the room has a lot of wood or achieve a contemporary style. Metallic bases will help you achieve a sleek minimalistic look.

It would be best to take your time and do enough research. With so many options available, doing proper research will help you find a quality glass tabletop at an affordable price. At Glassupply .com, we have a stunning collection of glass tabletops at excellent prices.

Additionally, you can combine different materials to achieve a unique style. You can use glass to revamp old furniture, such as adding a glass tabletop on a wooden base. However, choose suitable, durable quality materials. At, we supply high-quality glass tabletops that are not only modern but durable as well.