Wood tables often become damaged over an extended time of use. Wood surfaces are easily damaged; hot food can cause burn marks on the wood, kids might draw or paint on it, and it gets easily dented or scratched.

You will need professional resurfacing of your wood furniture to maintain it and prolong its life. A long-term solution is to cover your wood table with a glass tabletop that protects the wood from damage.


  1. The glass used for tabletops is thick, which acts as a protection layer against scratches and wood damage.
  2. Glass tabletops are easy to install. You can take on a DIY project and add a glass tabletop to protect your table.
  3. Glass tabletops are simple to maintain and clean. You only need to wipe the table with a cloth and glass cleaner.
  4. Glass tabletops make your space appear brighter and larger by reflecting light.
  5. Glass tabletops are versatile and easy to style. You can choose different shapes, thicknesses, and colors that suit modern designs.
  6. Glass tabletops enhance the beauty of the wooden table in a sophisticated manner. You will not cover and hide the original furniture’s look but instead, showcase it through the shiny glass.


  • Avoid placing heavy objects on your glass tabletop that can result in scratches.
  • Use table mats and coasters to avoid damaging the glass when placing hot drinks or foods.
  • Use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to clean your glass tabletop.
  • Clean the glass tabletop as regularly as possible. Accumulated dirt is harder to clean.

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