You don’t want to get to the point where you avoid merely glancing at your bathroom. Frameless glass shower enclosures just look better and are timeless. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean with inexpensive treatment products. Have a look at what you can order.

Frameless glass shower doors are what makes the difference between an OK-looking bathroom and a luxurious intimate space, the room in your home where it’s most important to feel at your best.

The Glassupply shower door company allows to create your perfect bathroom environment at home. Few things reveal to be more soothing than the sight of a seamless-looking shower glass panel – having a pure glass shower door does wonders for the body and mind, especially in an intimate place like your bathroom, when the need for peacefulness is high.

Low price helps, too. You won’t get a better price on the market than on for custom, easy-to-install glass shower doors delivered to your home than from any other shower door company.

There is no sacrifice on quality. You get prime quality glass for your buck, regardless of your budget. Your shower door price is mainly determined by glass size and thickness.

Our shower door company provides the best looking, top-of-the-line sturdy glass panels for a stunning invisible look to your bathroom.

It’s impossible not to love a new frameless glass shower door to dress up your bathroom with some pop, regardless of the size or shape of your enclosure.

If you need more than just a single shower door, our shower door company also has full inline door-and-panel kits, 90-degree door-and-panel kits, Neo-angle kits, standard-size shower kits and even splash guards.

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Here is how you can customize your glass shower door with Glassupply.

Looking for standard-size shower kits? Here are the Glassupply Standard-Size Shower Kits available.


We know how exciting home remodeling is, especially when you want a unique, custom look. That’s true for your bathroom and you don’t need to wait to get started.

As a committed shower door company, Glassupply has an innovative approach to bathroom remodeling, letting you customize your shower enclosure to fulfill the renovation potential of your place

Glassupply is the shower door company you need to achieve this perfect, custom touch for your bathroom. We provide fully customizable shower doors with a variety of glass types, as well as hardware colors and designs, multiplying creative possibilities.

Custom Glass Shower Door Layouts

Four types of shower door layouts are available from Glassupply according to your enclosure.

If you only want a splash guard, we got your back.

Here are the different types of layouts available.


Single Glass Shower Door

For fully wall-enclosed shower enclosures with opening under 40″ wide.

Layout 1 A

Inline Glass Shower Door and Panel

Composed of a glass shower door and a fixed glass panel. For shower enclosures with opening over 40″ wide.

Layout 1 A (1)

90 Degree Glass Shower Door and Panel

For larger cornered shower enclosures.

Layout 1

Neo Angle Glass Shower Door

For smaller cornered shower enclosures.

Custom Glass Shower Door Dimensions

Personalized frameless glass shower doors are one of the Glassupply core products. Unlike large suppliers, our doors can be customized to the inch, hence fitting even the most complex shower enclosures.

Our online platform allows extensive dimension customization. Adjust measurements online and your price is adjusted live on your product page.

Custom Glass Shower Door Types

Glass texture can determine the general allure of your bathroom. You can choose from clear, ultra-clear, acid etched (frosted), grey, bronze or even raindown patterned glass to fit the most intimate environment of your home.


Clear Glass

Standard clear glass or float glass has a slight green tint to the body of the glass and a very dark green edge.


Ultra Clear Glass

Ultra clear glass or extra clear glass has very little tint to the body of the glass appearing almost completely transparent, the glass edge has a very slight crystal tint.


Acid Etched Glass

Hydrofluoric acid must be applied on the glass to deliver a frosted look to its surface and produce Acid Etched Glass, or Privacy Glass.


Grey or Bronze Glass

Not typically used for shower application. Bronze glass is ordinary glass, which has been tinted and is heat-absorbing. Grey glass is more commonly known as smoked glass due to its smoky hue.


Raindown Glass

A pretty finish for a semi-intimate aspect to your shower glass door.

Glass Shower Hardware Colors

Different hardware colors are available for hinges, doorknobs and U-channels, including the trending matte black hue. Popular and more than affordable, your matte black hardware can blend in a well-decorated bathroom space. This option is only one of many in the undertaking of your bathroom layout renovation, starting with a new shower door.

According to your style needs, all shower glass types can pair with a selection of hardware finishes, including chrome, matte black and brushed nickel.




Matte Black


Brushed Nickel

Custom Glass Thickness

Shower door company Glassupply has tempered glass doors available in 3/8” (10 mm) and ½” (12 mm) thicknesses, hence providing maximal solidity for your shower.

The thicker your door, panel or splash guard, the sturdier. We do not recommend thickness under 3/8″ for a shower door, panel or splash guard.


10 mm (3/8``) Glass Thickness


12 mm (1/2``) Glass Thickness

On the shower door company Glassupply product page, modify the parameters according to your own specifications to display order your order price. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to a savvy Glassupply agent via our live chat, by email or by phone.

Discussing the specifics of your shower enclosure with a Glassupply technician helps a great deal with customizing your shower door order.

Here is the information you need about your glass shower door measurements and installation.


Glassandmirror agents are available for assistance when installing your DIY Shower Glass Door.


The Glassupply online platform is suitable for customers looking to install their shower door by themselves or those who are working with designers for their bathroom renovation project.

The Glassupply product pages allow you to see all the options available in one place, from one shower door company, to design your perfect shower enclosure.

Like you would expect for a shower door company, friendly and energetic Glassupply agents are responsive to customers specific needs, providing answers to tricky situations.

Custom Dimensions? No Problem

Glassupply operates online to offer the fastest service possible. For shower doors, you can contact a professional for information about your shower design upgrade and dimensions before placing your order.

For dimensions, it’s simple: measure your shower enclosure opening and order your glass shower door with the same measurements. The actual Glassupply customized glass panel cut will be tailored to fit your opening, depending on your specifications. All glass shower door orders are reviewed by experts from our shower door company to make sure everything fits.

What About the Hardware?

High-quality hardware, all included with your shower door order, allows safe and easy DIY installation at home. Having your shower door delivered and installed the same day is quite a great feeling. Our Glassupply experts are available for any questions upon installation of your new custom shower door.

Glassupply consultants from our shower door company can assist you in picking the right glass finish for your bathroom.

What About Installation?

Installation is hassle-free: Included hardware is designed for DIY installation. For any assistance, the Glassupply shower door company agents are available free of charge for help when encountering any challenge during installation.

What About Maintenance?

All products available clean both sides of your shower door and make the surface ultra-smooth. eliminating water marks and stains. Minimal, quick and efficient monthly treatments will go a long way and keep your glass clean virtually forever.


Glassupply is a one-stop online shop for custom glass shower doors in the United States and Canada. Customers from across North America can get their shower glass delivered to their doorstep from our shower door company for free.

Shipping is free across North America and you get your shower door delivered to your doorstep in 10 to 14 business days.

You will find ultimate convenience in the order process. The online portal gives all the instant information about your new shower door product, from size to glass type, to thickness, to hardware details. Package details and shipment tracking information are sent by email.

Once your order is packed and sent for shipping, you will receive a tracking code by email.

That’s just part of what Glassupply does. Not only the glass is custom; customer service is too, from start finish. All clients can be guided through the entire ordering process.

Personalized service is available after sale, for questions about installation and maintenance – or add-ons, of course.

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