When you have newly installed hardwood flooring in your office, you want to keep it looking new and elegant. You will need something to protect your floor from scratches caused by your office chair.

A chair mat is a perfect solution. It will protect your hardwood floor from scratches, dents, and scuffs from your office chair casters. Office chairs have rigid plastic casters that do not slide smoothly on a hard surface.

A Glass Office Chair Mat will give your office a professional and elegant appearance and prolong the lifespan of your hardwood floor.

Choosing glass chair mats has more benefits than just protecting your new floor.

  1. They are durable and last for 15 or more years.
  2. They are easy to clean. You will only need a glass cleaning solution.
  3. They bring a luxurious feel to your office that other mats do not.
  4. They have a smooth, firm surface that is scratch-resistant.

This article will discuss why glass mats are the best solution for you to protect your hardwood floors. They bring a simple elegance and are cost-effective in the long run. Safeguarding your office floor will be an excellent investment for the future.

How to protect your hardwood floors

  • Choose soft tread chair wheels

The main benefit of using office chair mats is they offer a protective layer over the floor. They prevent direct contact with your office chair and absorb the impact of a falling object. Mats protect the floor from damage caused by accidental falls.

Protect your office mat to give it a long life span. It would be best if you considered using soft tread office chair casters that will glide smoothly across the hard surface. Most office chair wheels are hard and designed for soft carpeted floors. Switching the hard plastic or hard nylon caster to a softer urethane caster will be better for your glass mat.

  • Buy high-quality glass mats

Desk chair mats not only protect your floors from dents but add to the beauty of your office. High-quality glass mats give your office a simple elegance while providing smooth and quick movement and durable protection that will last for years on your floor.

When compared to plastic mat options, glass office chair mats are of higher quality. Although all glass mats are tempered glass, which is tough and not easy to dent, not all glass mats are the same. High-quality glass chair mats have ab added Nano-tech coating that is scratch resistant and keeps the mat looking new. Their edges are also polished, which eliminates dents and scratches commonly found in square-cut edges.

The high-quality glass mat with Nano-tech and polished edges will protect your hardwood floors better. They are better than vinyl and polycarbonate mats that do not enhance the hardwood floor and are opaque looking. Plastic mats get cracks dents and, do not protect your floor, and need replacement. Plastic mats can also cause damage to your floors by grinding dirt into the wood.

  • Get accurate measurements for your workspace

It is essential to get the right measurements of our workspace to get the right mat size. If the mat fails to adequately cover the space, your chair could scratch the floor, limit your movement, or move outside the carpet. You should consider frequent movements that you make and if you need to order a larger glass chair mat that will accommodate that. If you do not move as much, you might need a smaller mat.

Most office chair mats such as plastic, vinyl, and rubber mats come in general sizes that are not customizable to your needs. They are not ideal because the mats may not suit your unique space and make your office look unprofessional. At Glassuply.com, we offer standard glass office chair mats and work with you to create custom-made solutions for your office space.

  • Buy an office chair mat ideal for all floor types

Your office floor may not always be hardwood. So it is essential to make sure that your office chair mat is ideal for any floor. Glass office mats are better than vinyl or bamboo alternatives. They are designed for single-use and not suitable for all floors. Glass mats are durable, do not crack or scratch, and you can use them on any floor.

One of the key considerations you should make when purchasing a chair mat is the type of floor in your office.  Plush and dense carpets make it challenging to move around; therefore, you should choose a mat that will not get buried in the carpet. A mat that is ¼ inch thick or more will be ideal, not only for carpet floors but hardwood, laminated and tiled floors.

  • Choose an office mat that will last a lifetime

We put in floors that we hope should last a lifetime, and we think your chair mat should as well. It is costly to buy a chair mat that will need frequent replacement. Our Glass Office Chair Mats will last years and have a lifetime warranty because we are confident that you will never have to buy another one.

Glassuply.com Glass Office Chair Mats will not grind dust and dirt into your floor, ensuring that your floors are protected. We will install Our Glass Chair Mats using specially designed clear rubber bumpers, which prevent dust trapped from being ground into the floor.

The clear bumpers are unnoticeable, anti-slip, and stick to the mat’s bottom, keeping it in place. They raise the mat slightly above the floor, eliminating the dust grinding problem experienced with other mats.

The best Glass mat for your hardwood floors

The durability and elegance of Glassupply.com Glass Chair Mats will protect your floors for a long time and save you the stress of buying a new mat every few years. The strong tempered glass will preserve your hardwood floors better than all other mats.

At Glassuply.com, we guarantee you products of the highest quality, style, and durability and provide the best comfort in your home or commercial office. We provide Glass Office Mats of various sizes and shapes and work with you to custom-make designs that fit your unique workspace.