You can hear it everywhere. Glass structures have become implicit in modern architecture. People are looking for a streamlined effect, a clear and clutter-free look for their staircases, in their home or on their balcony.

A classy-looking building is almost always garnished with a glass structure. More glass, less metal: That is the timeless motto of designers of across North America.

Frameless glass railings for staircases give that impressive and modern look, designed in a popular minimalist aesthetic mindset. A glass-enclosed balcony staircase is a classy way to bring life to a house façade or backyard.

So look no further your staircase at home. Glass handrails are ideal, whether your stairs connect floors indoors or are annexed to your balcony.

And it’s not just a question of looks. You can actually customize your frameless glass staircase railing system and easily install it in DIY fashion regardless of the number of steps, size and angle of your staircase. In addition, you can get all the glass panels and hardware delivered to your door.

Don’t know where to start?

Here is what you need to know to customize your own glass staircase railing.


Glass-enclosed staircases mix in almost all styles, complimenting the look of all types of rooms, balconies, decks or pools.

Glass definitely adds a modern flair to your building, whether it is for interior or exterior use. Glass fences and railings are particularly popular around pools. Here is an helpful article about glass pool fencing.

Plus, getting a custom frameless glass fence for your stairs saves the hassle of matching a cap railing finish to your house ornamentation and rather highlights the focal points of your home.

Each Glassandmirror staircase handrail is unique, custom created by each customer according to their specifications provided using this online railing builder. Such flexibility allows bringing ideas to life for your stairs.

All frameless glass staircase handrails are custom fabricated to customer specifications, according to the number of steps, one- or two-sided application, total run and total rise of the staircase, so you can use all your creativity in designing the staircase of your dreams.

When incorporating glass to your staircase structure, you are not limited to only one option. You have tons of flexibility with dimensions and hardware finishes.

Here are the parameters you can adjust.


Number of Steps

The Glassandmirror online railing builder calculates the quantity and size of glass panels you need according to the number of steps in your stairs. When counting stairs, you are counting how many times you have to lift your foot. Therefore, the landing counts as a step.

Staircase Ramp

Railing Type

There are basically two railing types for staircases: One-sided or two-sided. You can select whether you need railing for only one side of the stairs, or if railing is required for both sides.

Total Run

Total Run

Total Run is the exact horizontal distance from the edge of the upper floor to the end of the bottom riser.

Total Rise

Total Rise

Total Rise is the exact vertical distance from the top of one finish floor to the top of another finish floor.

There are two standards you can’t diverge from when getting a glass handrail.

  • Span height has a 36-inch minimum. That dimension is mandatory for residential glass staircase railing systems.
  • You will need tempered glass.

Now, about custom hardware…


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L Shape

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Frameless staircase glass railings come in a variety of customizable designs. Options include different shapes and size, plus a choice for bottom and alignment hardware, namely stainless steel spigots, glass-to-glass clamps or standoff brackets.

Here is our pro tip for spigot selection. The 316 alloy is ideal for interior application, whereas 2205 grade Stainless Steel will suit exterior applications, as it provides inclement weather resistance. In both cases, you are provided with the perfect frameless look.

All models are available in chrome or matte black finishes, require no hole to be drilled in glass panels, meet Canadian (CAN/CGSB 12.1-M90 ) and American (ANSI Z97.1-2009) safety standards… and are incredibly easy to install.

Here is why you don’t need a handyman or a contractor to install your frameless glass staircase railing.


The online glass railing builder helps you find the best glass staircase railing system depending on the overall style of your home, for the right price.

The online railing builder is very user friendly for your frameless staircase glass railing project, but Glassandmirror technicians are available for assistance, whether it is for measurement questions or stylistic advice.

But once you’ve planned, adjusted and ordered your glass handrail, are you able to install the panels by yourself?

Yes. Glass staircase handrails are safe and reliable, not massive and dangerous. There is no major hazard in DIY glass railing installation.

Thanks to security standards, frameless glass railings for staircases are light and easy to install. It won’t take much time before your handrail is built-up and ready to use once your package is delivered to your doorstep.

Frameless glass staircase railing systems provide an “invisible look” and that is delightful for the eye and quite easing for your spirits. Why? No vertical post installation is required between glass panels, saving you precious time and energy. Solid 316 Stainless Steel spigot glass ensure sole and sufficient support of the railing panels.

Sturdily anchoring glass panels to the floor, deluxe surface mount spigots can be plumbed and leveled for customized installation with Allen keys for ½” (12 mm) thick tempered glass. The spigots can be adjusted afterwards.

For exterior installation, stainless steel spigot construction provides resistance to extreme weather conditions.

And worry not for hardware cost, as it is included when you save your online quotation, which is sent to your email address.

Hardware is included with your frameless glass handrail delivery…

Because yes, your frameless glass staircase railing is delivered to your doorstep, as incredible as this sounds. Here are the details.


Glassandmirror agents are available for assistance when installing your DIY Staircase Glass Railing System.


You can build your custom glass staircase railing using the Glassupply online fence planner, save your quotation, make adjustments and place your order. Package estimated delivered time is within 14 business days for locations across the United States and Canada.

Purchasing a frameless glass staircase railing system will transform your lifestyle. Get your quotation by email using the Glassupply online fence builder. If needed, technicians will assist you planning your glass handrail.

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