A walk-in shower is a practical choice for both large and small bathrooms. If you have a small space, a walk-in shower will give the illusion of space and make it seem more extensive and seamless. In addition, if you are active and prefer showering to soaking in the tub, a walk-in shower is the ideal choice.

You do not need a door or curtain if you install a walk-in shower resulting in an open and spacious look. Most walk-in showers have a gently sloping bathroom floor to keep the water from running on the bathroom floor. Consequently, walk-in showers have more accessibility, especially for injured people and those with mobility challenges.

Walk-in showers are easier to clean and maintain compared to enclosed traditional showers. In addition, they are a modern and contemporary style that gives a streamlined and minimalistic look.

If you want to remodel your bathroom and enjoy the benefits of a stylish walk-in shower, these design ideas will help you make it stand out.

  • Install multiple showerheads and nozzles

You can make your bathroom stand out and get a relaxing spa feeling by installing multiple showerheads. Depending on your preference, you can install up to ten shower nozzles directed to all sides of your body.

Multiple shower nozzles will help you get relief from the weather on those hot summer days. You can simply ask your plumber to install multiple shower heads and enjoy your new shower.

  • Use natural light to brighten your walk-in shower

A bright walk-in shower enhances your bath experience, and you can position your shower to make the most of natural light. One advantage of walk-in showers is that you can design them to fit your space because you are not restricted to use standard shower measurements.

You can install your walk-in shower near a window to let natural light in, or install a skylight and enjoy twinkling stars when showering at night.

  • Install glass shelves to add storage and functionality

Due to their minimalistic design, most walk-in showers do not have storage space to hold your towels and other daily necessities. You can install floating glass shelves that add storage and improve the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Most shelves jut out of the wall and need a lot of space. If you have a small bathroom space, recessed shelves are an excellent solution. Open glass shelves make the room seem larger, fit better, and more harmoniously than traditional frames. They also add a uniquely chic look to your bathroom.

Floating glass shelves are not only trendy but functional as well. You can mount floating glass shelves on the walls in your bathroom to store and display your beauty products. They will also be easier to find than in a drawer.

At Glassupply.com, we supply rectangle glass shelves which are the most popular choice for storage. You can also select triangle, quarter circle, or half-moon shelves for your corner spaces.

  • Match your tiles to match your vanity

A walk-in shower is open and gives a seamless look to your bathroom. You can make it look more minimalistic and seamless by matching your shower tiles to your vanity.

  • Separate your bathroom using glass panels

If you have a small bathroom, you can install a glass shower panel to separate the bathroom area and define the shower area. A door will take up too much floor space and make the bathroom feel crowded. However, a glass panel is ideal because it maintains a seamless and minimalistic look and requires space. In addition, glass reflects light making the small space seem brighter and larger.

  • Put a plant in the shower

It might seem odd, but putting plants in your shower is not only a recent décor trend, but it has numerous benefits for you too. A plant will make your bathroom feel natural and refreshing, and the plants filter indoor toxins, enhancing the quality of air. In addition, plants in your bathroom absorb excessive moisture and help eliminate harmful bacteria.

It would be best to choose plants that thrive in the limited space, lighting, and high moisture levels. Some plants include aloe vera, bamboo, spider plants, azaleas, and asparagus ferns.

  • Partial glass shower door or splash guards

A partial glass door or splash guard prevents water from splashing out of the shower and pooling on the floor. A splash guard takes up a small space and will make a small bathroom feel more spacious.

Partial glass doors are also cheaper, easy to install and maintain, and do not interfere with the minimalistic look of a walk-in shower.

At Glassupply.com, we offer a wide range of glass shower doors in all sizes and the hardware you need to install the doors. You can also make a custom order glass door, and we will deliver it to your door.