Mirrors are an essential item in every bedroom for functional and decorative reasons. You can use mirrors to check your reflection before going out or enhancing your room’s aesthetic. Additionally, you can use mirrors to make your room look brighter and more spacious.

Let us explore ways to use mirrors in your bedroom to make it more stylish.

  • Place a mirror over the headrest

You can utilize the place above your headrest and place a framed mirror. In addition, you can choose a frame that matches your furniture and décor. For example, you can choose from wooden frames for a traditional feel, a metallic frame for a modern metallic look, or a DIY frame that expresses your creativity.

A mirror above your headrest will reflect light and make your bedroom brighter and is unique wall décor. However, you cannot use a large mirror because of the limited space.

  • Use large antique mirrors

Antique mirrors add a unique accent to any space because of their rare beauty. Custom antique mirrors are versatile and elegant, which enhances the aesthetics of the room. Antique mirrors have a timeless classic beauty that complements and blends into any design. These mirrors are not only functional but act as ornaments that add art to your space.

In addition, you can achieve an antique look and add a vintage appeal by distressing a modern mirror with homemade products. A retro vintage look is a new trend, and you can create your unique design. You can choose from oval, circular, rectangular, or curved shapes. However, you should be careful with antique mirrors because they are heavy.

  • Mirrored furniture

You can choose custom-made mirrored furniture to make your bedroom stand out. Mirrored furniture will make the space brighter and seem more expansive. Additionally, you can use mirrored surfaces to upgrade old furniture and hide dents and scratches. A great way to use mirrored furniture is on the wardrobe doors.

However, avoid using too many mirrors because they create an optical illusion and confusion. Additionally, mirrors are fragile, and you should be careful not to break them.

  • Wardrobe and door mirrors

Wardrobe mirrors are an excellent idea if you have a small bedroom because it does not need additional space. Secondly, a wardrobe mirror is convenient and makes dressing up easier. In addition, it helps keep your room clutter-free. However, a wardrobe mirror gets easily dirty, and you will need to clean it regularly.

A full-length door mirror is ideal if you lack wall and floor space to mount a mirror. Full-length mirrors are easy to mount since most come with hooks; therefore, you do not need to put any holes in the door. However, you need to ensure that your door is strong enough to support it.

  • Freestanding mirrors

Freestanding mirrors are convenient because they are mobile, enabling you to rearrange your room at any time. Secondly, you can move them to suit the purpose and design you want to achieve. Finally, since they are large, you can use them to see your full body reflection.

  • Full-length wall mirrors.

Wall mirrors are a common type of mirror that allows you to see your total reflection without taking up floor space which is great if you live in a small apartment. In addition, you can add style to the room by choosing a unique frame for the mirror. Wall mirrors are also cheaper than standing mirrors.

Ensure that the mirror’s bottom edge is off the floor to prevent damage to the mirror during daily activities such as vacuuming. You can hang the mirror a few inches above the wall baseboard. Then, adjust it to your height and be able to see your shoes.

Things to consider when buying a bedroom mirror

  • Your style

You can use mirrors to add style or accents that complement the existing style in your room. You can choose different frames that complement your style. If you have a traditional style, you can choose an ornate frame for your mirror. On the other hand, you can DIY a frame to showcase your artistic style. A DIY frame will be unique, and you can use different elements for a beachy, country, or eccentric look. Choosing a frameless mirror will display a sleek and modern look.

  • The shape of the mirror

The mirror’s shape will help define the space, create a certain mood, and complement the existing style. For example, a rectangle or square mirror looks orderly, neat, and restrained. A long horizontal mirror will draw attention to the height of the room and make it look longer. A circular or oval mirror will give you a quirky and fun style. You can also create a unique shape by arranging several mirrors together.

  • The size of the mirror

You can choose to use your mirror as the room’s focal point or use it to complement the room’s style. First, consider the size of the wall where you will mount the mirror. Choose a mirror that is an appropriate size for the wall. If you want to use a mirror as the room’s focal point, choose a large mirror that will draw attention. You can also frame the mirror to make it stand out more.

Another creative way to use mirrors as a focal point in the room is to arrange small mirrors in a unique pattern. Choose a large frameless mirror that blends into the background if you want it to compliment the room’s style.

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