The New Year is an opportunity for you to update your living space, and your bathroom is an essential part of this. A new glass shower door in place of a shower curtain is a sure way to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic while still maintaining the space’s functionality.

Picking out a shower door and bathtub enclosure is about complementing the style of your bathroom. However, it would help if you also considered your bathroom’s layout and size to ensure that the door fits your space.


Plastic shower curtains drip water on the floor, which leaves a mess, is unsafe, and can damage your bathroom floor. They are also not easy to clean, which leaves unsightly stains and grows mold because they are damp.

There are several reasons why glass shower enclosures are an excellent choice for your bathroom.

  1. Clear glass allows a large amount of light, making space feel bigger and less crowded. Clear glass also allows for complete visibility.
  2. Glass is easy to clean and is mold resistant. You only need a glass cleaner and cloth or squeegee to get your bathroom glass sparkling.
  3. Glass shower doors give a modern and timeless look to your bathroom. Glass shower doors will look stylish and current for years to come.
  4. Textured and patterned glass shower doors give more privacy and provide patterns that bring a unique style to your bathroom.
  5. Tinted glass shower doors add color to your bathroom in a fun way while still adding a sophisticated style to your bathroom.
  6. Glass shower doors comprise tempered glass, which is strong and durable. Install a glass shower door from and enjoy minimum maintenance and durability for years.


Shower curtains not only block out natural light but look unattractive as well. Glass shower doors are ideal for both small and large bathtubs because they reflect light to make space look bigger, brighter, and more beautiful.

At, we offer the widest variety of glass shower doors and enclosures for bathtubs. We provide you with endless and custom shower door options to help you create a unique style for your bathroom.

Let us explore the different types of glass shower doors that you can choose for your bathtub.


Sliding glass shower doors are ideal for small bathrooms without enough bathroom floor space for swinging doors.  There are two types of sliding glass shower doors.

  1. Bypass sliding shower doors – two glass panels are attached to the track, and you open them by sliding the panels past each other. Bypass sliding doors make access to your bathtub easier because you can slide them to either the right or the left.
  2. Metro sliding shower door – you fix one glass panel, and another glass panel can slide to the left or right for entry. Metro sliding glass shower doors close off the whole bathtub and offer protection to the entire bathroom from splashes.


You fix a glass panel to the wall next to the bathtub and the bathtub’s open end. A fixed glass shower door uses panels to cover the open sides of a bathtub. You can use a single sheet or more of glass.


A hinged glass shower door uses pivots to allow the door to open by revolving at an angle in either direction. A hinged shower door is ideal for bathrooms that are large and have enough floor space. A hinged shower door will allow for access to the bathtub by opening from one side to the outside.


You can choose to install either framed or frameless glass shower doors. They are both excellent choices for bathtub enclosures but are installed differently and provide different styles.

Framed glass shower door edges enclosed with a metal frame, which you then attached to the bathtub and the wall.

Frameless glass shower doors are attached to the wall using small metal clips. You can add a small frame to support the glass if needed.

Semi-frameless glass shower doors are a cross between framed and frameless doors. They have a metal frame that does not enclose the entire door.


  • Measure the size of your bathtub. The average bathtub is sixty inches, which allows for the installation of a shower door. You can also order a custom glass shower door.
  • If the edge of your bathtub is straight, you can choose any shower door. However, a bathtub with curved edges will need a pivoted or hinged door.
  • Please take into consideration the placement of the water faucets so as not to close them off.
  • Keep in mind the size of your bathroom space. Choose sliding doors for small rooms and hinged doors if you have a large bathroom.


Glass shower doors are an excellent investment for your bathroom because they add beauty, make space seem larger and brighter. They also prevent water from splashing out of your bathtub onto the floor.

You can install sliding, fixed, or hinged glass shower doors to suit your style and bathroom space. You also have the option of choosing framed, semi-frameless or frameless glass shower doors. Whatever the size of your bathroom, our guide will help you choose the best glass shower door for your bathtub.

At, we supply the broadest range of glass shower doors for your bathtub. You can choose patterned and tinted glass to give you more privacy. Our glass shower doors use tempered glass, which is more durable than standard glass. Contact us for custom-made glass shower doors, and we will deliver them to your doorstep.