To create the bathroom of your dreams, there are five main custom walk-in shower possibilities. And it's easier than you think. You can create a luxurious and timeless look that will always make your bathroom feel like a spa. Plus, a walk-in shower is easy to clean with inexpensive treatment products.

A walk-in shower will meld into your bathroom seamlessly, while also adding an elegant and modern feel. The walk-in shower is an extremely popular bathroom addition, because of the many benefits beyond its desirable look.

From giving the illusion of a larger bathroom, because the shower merges with the rest of the space, to actually taking up less space than a traditional bathtub-shower combo, the walk-in shower is the choice for all your bathroom upgrade needs. AND it is affordable.


Glassupply offers easy-to-install, custom walk-in showers at the best price on the market. That does not mean your walk-in shower will be a sacrifice in terms quality. The Glassupply walk-in showers are made from top of the line material that you can personalize to create the ambiance your looking for at a great price. Glassupply can help you add beauty and depth to your bathroom with a stunning walk-in shower.


There are five unique and beautiful walk-in showers to satisfy both your functional and aesthetic needs.


Single Glass Shower Door

A custom shower glass door can create the ideal walk-in shower designed for you. With different options of hardware colours for hinges, doorknobs and U-channels, you can customize your bathroom renovations with the perfect shower door.

Layout 1 A

Inline Glass Shower Door and Panel

An inline frameless walk-in shower is made up of three walls and an inline opening space. The most common inline walk-in shower is comprised of a double sliding-doors combination, but there are endless choices to customize your inline walk-in shower.

Splash Guard Layout 1 Icon

Splash Guard

A great add-on for walk-showers are splash guards, also called glass screens. Without being intrusive, splash guards can separate space in your bathroom. Slash guards will keep the water in your walk-in shower and also bring light and depth to your bathroom.

Layout 1 A (1)

90 Degree Glass Shower Door and Panel

The 90-degree walk-in shower  square corners and straight lines create a stunning minimalist look suitable for any bathroom. In combination with two-bathroom walls, glass panels are used to create the walk-in shower. This can be done in boundless ways for an individualized look to match you and your family’s specific design style.

Layout 1

Neo Angle Glass Shower Door

For a truly original walk-in shower you can trust the neo angle. This diamond shaped walk-in shower builds from the corner of your bathroom to create a stunning design. There are many variations when it comes to the neo angle walk-in shower, because they can have between 1 and 3 glass panels. The classic diamond shape of this walk-in shower is the perfect choice for larger bathrooms. However, due to the possibility of tucking the neo angle walk-in shower snugly into corners, they have the versatility to work in small bathrooms as well.

How to Create the Bathroom You’ve Been Waiting for With a Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers can be used in a variety of ways to create a personalized design suited for your bathroom.

  • These Walk-in showers give the effect of a more open bathroom and can even save space;
  • They are easy to clean and less likely to form mold;
  • These showers are ideal for corners visually and design-wise, as they will be customized to fit your exact space;
  • If your walk-in shower has enough room, you can add a bench or seat for either comfort or accessibility. This is done to create a relaxing experience and provide comfort for those needing a shower chair.

How Tempered Glass Makes a Walk-in Shower Safe

The way a tempered glass panel is made is what makes it different than ordinary glass. The process of creating tempered glass involves heating glass, followed by cooling it very quickly. This applies compression on the outer surface. This method modifies the glasses composition to make it much stronger and more durable.

To compare tempered glass to regular glass, regular glass will break into random, uneven, and dangerous shards. On the other hand, tempered glass shatters into soft pieces of glass that are harmless. Also, tempered glass surprisingly stays in the area it was broken instead of spreading everywhere into harmful pebbles, making your walk-in shower extremely safe and durable.

Learn more about the reasons why you absolutely need tempered glass

About Walk-in Shower Maintenance

The products below will clean both sides of your shower door and make the surface ultra-smooth, in addition to eliminating water marks and stains. This minimal, quick and efficient monthly treatments will go a long way and keep your glass clean.

Get Your Walk-in Shower Glass Cut to Fit Your Dimensions

Walk-in showers offer versatility in terms of design as you can customize in numerous different ways, with different features, doors, and glass cut to the size you need!

Glassupply operates online to offer the fastest and most convenient service possible. For walk-in showers, you can contact a professional for information about the design and dimensions you’re looking for before placing your order.

Measuring your dimensions is simple and you can order your glass shower door with that specific size. The Glassupply customized walk-in shower will be tailored to fit your opening, depending on your specifications. All walk-in shower orders are reviewed by our experts to make sure everything fits perfectly.


Glassupply agents are available for assistance when shopping your DIY Walk-in Shower.

The Walk-in Shower Installation Process

Glassupply’s DIY installation is hassle-free, as our hardware is designed to be installed by you! We always have available agents free of charge to help in case you encounter any challenge while setting up your walk-in shower.

After designing your walk-in shower you’ll love the ability to finalize the project yourself! There is no need to hire a contractor or installation team when you can easily do it!

Our high-quality walk-in showers can be installed as soon it’s delivered, giving you the opportunity to experience your creation the day it gets there!

Getting You Your Walk-in Shower Glass ASAP

We can ship any of our products across North America in 10 to 14 business days. Additionally, as a thank you Glassupply offers free shipping on all orders over $150.

Glassupply’s online ordering process provides all the information you are looking for. All specific product details, sizes and walk-in shower information is readily available whenever you are shopping. Once you have placed your order, any additional details, as well as shipment tracking information will be sent to you by email so you’ll know when you can get started on installing your walk-in shower.

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