We all look forward to the summer so that we can relax and enjoy the outdoors. The outdoors is perfect for hosting family gatherings and barbeque parties. Therefore, you should prepare your outdoors for the summer.

The following are some ideas on how to make you outdoors stand out.

Glass railing for your balcony

Installing a glass railing on your balcony will improve the façade of your house and ensure you can safely enjoy your outdoors. Glass adds a modern and sleek look to any building. If you are concerned about privacy, you can choose from various tinted, frosted and patterned glass panels.

You can get customized glass balcony railings that fit the style of the building and the size of your balcony. Contact us at Glassupply.com for easy to install glass railings. We provide you with step-by-step DIY installation guides, videos, and online/phone support to help you get a flawless end product.

Glass pool railings

The summer is perfect for quality time in the pool. However, the safety of your pets and children is paramount, which is why installing glass pool fencing is an excellent solution. Glass pool railings will provide a physical barrier that prevents accidents. In addition, glass railings consist of laminated or tempered safety glass that is hard to break and is shatterproof, making it safe to use.

Glass railing for decks

With warm nights in summer, enjoying time on the deck is excellent. Glass barriers create a feeling of openness and make the space seem vast. Glass reflects light, making the room brighter. Moreover, glass deck railings are light and minimalistic, giving them an airy and delicate appearance to your building. Installing a glass railing on your deck will not only enhance safety but increases the beauty of your home.

Modern architecture incorporates glass railing systems that transform your space. Additionally, a wide variety of glass types and hardware finishes allow you to be creative and create a unique look.

Glass tables for your patio and balcony

Outdoor spaces like patios and balconies are entertainment areas. Most people think about plastic or wicker furniture for these spaces, but using glass tables is sure to add elegance to a room. A glass tabletop is a budget-friendly way to upgrade your patio furniture. Glass tabletops are versatile, and you can DIY unique outdoor furniture with personalized bases. Additionally, you can get a customized glass to your choice’s length, shape, and thickness.

Glass tabletops are ideal for outdoor use for numerous reasons. Glass tables comprise tempered glass that is up to six times stronger than regular glass and does not chip or scratch easily. Consequently, it can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. Tempered glass is shatterproof, making it safer to use.

You can easily store away the glass tabletop, replace it if damaged, or order a larger size for added space. Furthermore, you can choose from square, rectangular, circular, or oval shapes in the width of your choice. Smoothened and polished edges will give your table a sleek look.

Round glass tables are great centerpieces for entertainment areas. They are strong enough to be practical and are easy to clean and maintain. Glass tables make spaces feel more welcoming and add a sense of luxury and class.

You can use creative bases for your glass tabletop to make it unique and stand out;

  • A wooden base is a great idea to repurpose an old tree and bring a natural feel to your patio. A glass tabletop will showcase the beautiful wood.
  • You can use two cinder blocks as a base for your glass tabletop for a contemporary design and complement an industrial décor theme.
  • You can reuse old wine and whisky barrels and create attractive table bottoms. Moreover, you can split the table and use half a barrel. Filling the barrel with corks will start a conversation starter among your guests.
  • A glass table bottom that uses repurposed car tires is a great way to recycle and create an eye-catching piece of furniture. You can stack the tires to your desired height and paint them to make them pop.

Installing glass in your outdoors is a budget-friendly way to upgrade your patio. You can use glass for your deck, pool, or balcony and enjoy nature while keeping your loved ones safe. Glass tabletops are a practical way to enhance the beauty of your patio. Additionally, they are versatile, and you can choose any table base to suit your style. The strengthened tempered glass used for railing and table tops is durable and safe to use outdoors.

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