Learning can be boring for kids but adding a glass board in daily learning activities is a fun way to inspire kids to learn. A glass board is easy to install, maintain and makes learning interactive, which improves concentration.

This article will give you great ideas to use glass boards in daily learning activities.


  • The learning environment affects the interest of the child in learning. Unlike conventional blackboards, glass boards are visually stimulating, which makes children interested in learning.
  • Glass boards look beautiful and elevate the room’s mood, making the children relaxed and ready to learn.
  • They are also easier to clean and maintain. Other boards are harder to wipe off and do not look as neat.

Glass boards get kids interested in learning

Black and whiteboards do not inspire kids to learn because they bring. Kids associate white and blackboards with classwork. Additionally, they are challenging to write on and are not very interactive.

Teachers can write clearly on glass boards and illustrate better through drawings, maps, and presentation slides. Whiteboards will make the lessons more interesting for the children.

Glass boards make learning easier for children with learning disabilities

Most schools often neglect children with learning disabilities. Glass boards are excellent for children with reading and learning disabilities such as dyslexia. They do not have to strain when focusing on the board, making it more challenging to learn and causes frustration and headaches.

Glass boards are easier to read and are interactive, which is essential for successful learning in children with learning disabilities.

Glass boards encourage creativity

Empty glass boards in your child’s room is a blank canvas that they can fill with anything. It is a fun and creative way to challenge your children to be innovative. It is an excellent way to let your kids explore art and express themselves.

When left on their own, children often think outside the box. A glass board will help them think in unique ways. You can also engage them in interactive art projects o their glass board.


Glass boards are easy to install, and can you can place them in any room. They are strong thick glass that is hard to shatter, so even the most mischievous kids will not break them. You can rest assured that your kids will have fun when learning and still be safe.

You can fix the glass board at eye level on a wall so that the children can access the board easily. The board should not be too large to feel overwhelming.

The glass board size will depend on the room’s size and the wall where you will install it, but a three-by-four-foot glass board is appropriate. The ideal place to place it is in the playroom or the child’s bedroom.


  1. Use good quality erasable markers. Avoid water-based markers and permanent markers that damage the glass surface.
  2. Wipe the glass board daily. Erase the ink on the board as soon as possible to avoid it setting on the surface and staining it.
  • Do not use paint removers or abrasives because they will damage the glass but instead use household and glass cleaners.
  1. Refill the markers regularly because fresh ink looks better and is easier to clean.
  2. Clean the board regularly with a soapy sponge, water and dry it with a cloth or towel.


Glass boards are a great tool to help your children learn. They are interactive, which creates interest in learning and encourage children’s creativity. They also make learning easier for children with disabilities. They are also easy to install and maintain.

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