Many people have to make the most of small living spaces. We all need more storage space to organize our lives better, and the most common storage solutions that come to mind are likely to compromise the design of your home. However, you do not have to choose functionality over style.

You can install glass corner shelves to add more storage space while still maintaining a modern style. You can also style glass corner shelves and use them as decorative pieces.

Floating glass shelves are screwed directly into the wall without any supporting bracket or a frame to support it to the floor. Their design helps you use small spaces while giving you a sturdy surface you can use for storage.


  1. In the kitchen – you always seem to need more storage space in the kitchen. You can strategically mount glass corner shelves to help you store your spices, glasses, and plates on the dining table or to place condiments and drinks.
  2. In the living room – you can use corner shelves in place of a TV stand to hold your cables and keep them out of the way.
  3. Use glass corner shelves as a bookcase – corner shelves do not need as much floor space as a large bookcase. You can display our books on corner shelves and store them away when you are not reading.
  4. In the bathroom – glass corner shelves are more aesthetically pleasing than shower niches. You can install them in the shower to hold your toiletries.
  5. In the bedroom – you can install glass corner shelves in the bedroom to increase storage space.


  • Use colored shelves that stand out, or use colorless shelves and add colorful accessories.
  • Glass corner shelves commonly make bookcases. You can style them by stacking bright colored books in different directions to create a unique style.
  • You can create a gallery on your corner shelf using photographs, postcards, and souvenirs to showcase your interests.
  • Add colorful flowers, a centerpiece, or candles to a corner shelf to brighten a dull corner.

Corner shelves are a creative and stylish solution to the shortage of storage. You can use corner glass shelves in any room of the house and style them to brighten a dull corner.

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