Small apartments and small homes are increasingly becoming common and trendy worldwide because they are cozy and minimalistic. One of the main challenges of living in a small space is feeling dark and claustrophobic if you do not decorate it well. Secondly, it might be challenging to make your space unique while utilizing a small space. However, using glass in your interior is an excellent way to make small spaces appear brighter and more extensive.

The see-through quality of glass allows natural light to flow into your house even when the windows are closed. Glass transmits natural sunlight without any yellowing or clouding, thus brightening the home and enhancing the mood.

One of the advantages of using glass as a building material is how easy it is to maintain. The only maintenance your glass railing entails is regular cleaning. You do not need special cleaning equipment; all you require is microfiber cloth, soap, and water.

In addition, glass makes a space look sophisticated, modern and adds to its beauty. You can complement any design with glass to take the aesthetic of the building to the next level.

Additionally, glass is resistant to corrosion and most chemicals since tempered glass is durable and can withstand most weather conditions. It will retain its appearance and quality through the seasons without degrading.

The following are design ideas on how to use glass in your home.

Glass railing for your stairs

You can enjoy unobstructed views with glass railings. Glass railings use transparent glass panels that allow sunlight t to pass through without any yellowing or clouding, leading to a brighter space. We all want our homes to reflect our style, personality, and glass railings customized to your needs.

At, we customize your glass railing to fit your staircase, deck, or area that you want to be fenced. Moreover, we fabricate the glass to your specification and stock glass railing standoffs and other hardware to ease your installation.

Install glass walls and doors

Glass walls will enhance the flow of natural light in your small home. Unlike other materials like wood or concrete, glass partitions make space appear larger and brighter. Additionally, you can enjoy an unobstructed view outside your home with a glass wall.

It is essential to utilize the available floor space, and sliding glass doors ensure optimum use of space- sliding doors require less space than swinging doors, and they help you maximize the space available. Sliding door panels do not need extra floor space for opening increases accessibility and allows you to personalize passageways. In addition, glass doors are flexible and will enable you to divide or join areas as needed.

You can add character and fun to your décor by choosing colored or tinted glass walls. The colors will reflect in your home, making it unique. In addition, the back-painted glass will enhance privacy.

Install glass shelves to add storage

You can utilize vertical spaces by installing floating glass shelves. Glass shelves installed on walls, neglected corners, and many other areas around the house are a great way to add storage space while not compromising style. Additionally, glass shelves come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Some great ideas include;

  • Install rectangle shelves in the kitchen to create extra space for display or storage. You could install them against the wall to display condiments and spices, between windows to display herbs. You can add storage space by hanging the shelves above and below the kitchen cabinets.
  • You can add rectangular glass shelves in the bathroom to display bathing products, decorations, or towels. You can also get a bathroom glass shelf with a towel bar.
  • You can choose a corner in the room and install rows of triangular or quarter-circled glass shelves. We supply triangular and quarter-circled glass corner shelves in various sizes and ready-to-install shelve kits at
  • Bent glass shelves are an elegant way of displaying and storing books. Bent glass shelves are also a good storage option in small spaces.
  • You could attach tempered glass panels to a window using brackets and use them as a small greenhouse for your indoor plants.

Install glass shower doors to elevate your bathroom

Bathrooms and shower areas are an essential part of every house, but your shower area does not have to be boring; you can add style and personality and make it unique. Glass shower doors will make a small bathroom feel extensive and classy.

You can choose from a variety of glass shower enclosures that suit your space. At, we stock framed, frameless, and semi-frameless glass shower enclosures that can be customized and installed to your specifications. We also have patterned glass that will provide privacy.

Take the first step and order customized glass products for your interior design project. Contact us at for the highest quality glass and mirror products at the best market prices. You can conveniently order and check out online, and we will deliver the products to your doorstep.