We all need inspiring ideas to build or renovate our current homes into our dream homes. Glass interiors are an excellent way to upgrade your space with a budget. Glass interiors add a modern contemporary style to your home.

You can use glass to add unique features and a sense of luxury to your space. Let us look at some creative ways to achieve your dream home using glass.


You can use glass in your bathroom to reflect light, making it brighter, making the room feel more prominent, and getting a luxurious feel. A fantastic way to do this is by using glass shower doors, glass corner shelves, installing sizeable frameless bathroom mirrors, or install a glass sky.

Install glass corner shelves to add storage and improve the aesthetic of the room.

Frameless bathroom mirrors reflect light making the room feel brighter and more extensive. Frameless mirrors add a chic modern style to your bathroom.


At Glassupply.com, we offer a wide range of glass shower doors. We supply both standard size shower kits and custom-ordered glass shower doors. You can select one of the following glass shower doors to suit your style and bathroom size.

  1. Fixed glass shower panel and splash guards– a glass shower panel is set on the wall and a small opening left to enter the shower.
  2. Inline glass shower doors and panels are glass door panels installed in the line at 180° with a swinging door attached for entry.
  • Neo angle glass shower doors – these shower doors have three glass sides that enclose the shower and are ideal for use in corner spaces.
  1. Sliding glass shower doors use tracks that allow for entry by sliding the glass panels.

You can also choose a frameless, semi-frameless, or framed glass enclosure, depending on your style.  We use strengthened glass that is durable. We also supply patterned glass that provides more privacy than standard transparent glass.


You can use decorative wall mirrors to add your unique personality to space. Mirrors make the room brighter and larger by reflecting light. You can hang mirrors opposite windows, along the hallway, and on the mantle.

You use a mirror to give the illusion of a window in a windowless room. Add LED lights around a mirror for a sophisticated and enchanting feel. You can DIY different frames for your wall mirrors for a unique personalized touch.

You can install floating glass shelves on your walls if you need extra storage space. You can also display your ornaments, photos, and souvenirs in a modern and contemporary way. Glass corner shelves in neglected corners will add interest and add light to these dark corners.


One of the rooms that people do not consider using glass in is the kitchen. Although glass is delicate, you can use it in various ways around the kitchen.

You can install glass shelves to add extra storage space in the kitchen. You can also add mirrored glass on the kitchen cabinets to reflect light and make space feel bigger.

Use glass backsplash instead of the tiled backsplash to add a breathtaking and unique style to your kitchen.


You can add glass table tops on top of wooden bases to bring new life to old wooden tables. Glass tabletops are a creative way to add style to your space. You can also use glass coffee tables of different shapes to complement your design and create a focal point for your room.

You can use glass side tables in the living room and the bedroom to add storage space while adding style.


Frameless glass railings add a unique modern design to your house. At Glassupply.com, we supply ½ inch frameless railing that is safe and meets the USA and Canadian building codes. We guarantee you the highest quality glass railing made from tempered glass. Our frameless glass railing comes with complete hardware for quick assembly.


You can create glass walls using any transparent, patterned, or tinted glass. You can also use glass walls and screens to partition rooms in a modern way. A glass breakfast room, indoor garden, or patio are very inviting and create interest.


If you want design ideas for your dream home, you can use glass in various ways to brighten your rooms and elevate the aesthetic. You can design a luxury bathroom, add glass to your walls or renovate your kitchen with a glass backsplash and floating glass shelves. Other creative ways to use glass in your house’s interior include buying glass tables, installing glass walls, and modern frameless glass railings.

Contact us at Glassupply.com for all your glass needs. You can conveniently order online, and we will deliver to your doorstep.