You want your outdoor pool fence to look sharp AND to ensure safety for loved ones. You want your classy mezzanine railing to impress your guests AND fearlessly let your family and friends lean on the glass while having a nice chat over a glass of wine.

There is no compromise on style AND sturdiness when it comes to glass railings at home. That’s a question of good taste and safety, and glass spigot clamps come in handy to fill these criteria.

Yes : Glass type, thickness, edges and tempering – these are all important factors to take into consideration for style and solidity when installing your home railing, but your installation system also has a lot to do with how you will feel about your fence in the end.

And for that, high quality steel spigot clamps are the best looking, easy to install system for your indoor or outdoor glass railing at home.

Adaptable to almost any environment, surface mount spigots are the most popular installation system. Fully customizable, spigots and hardware are available in superior 2205 or 304 stainless steel alloy.

The most amazing about a versatile frameless spigot railing system is that it’s so very good looking, so very easy to install and even customizable! You can pick colors and places where you want your spigots to hold your glass.

You do have some measurement duties to take charge of before you get your glass fence delivered to your place, but in terms of hardware, there really is no challenge at all. Let’s have a closer look at how easy this is; and at how stylish and sturdy your deck railing will be with a frameless spigot railing system.

The result is amazing. We’ll show you.


We usually recommend using our 304 stainless steel hardware for interior application. Generally, 304 stainless steel provides the same weight load capacity as the duplex 2205 stainless steel model but is less expensive to produce since it does not anti-corrosive treatment, thus will save you some cost on your interior railing project.

The main upside of using 2205 stainless steel is for its anti-corrosion proprieties, an especially useful feature in coastal or outside environments. Deluxe surface mount spigots built with 2205 stainless steel resist the rigors of saline environments and not suffer damage due to saltwater proximity. This comes in particularly convenient knowing that many homeowners follow the trend of owning saltwater swimming pools nowadays.

Glassandmirror is the only brand to distribute 2205 stainless steel deluxe surface mount spigots, compared to other companies who sell cheaper 316 alloy spigots for exterior application.

Now, here is how you can install them.

If you are looking to fence your pool, you might want to check out this article about frameless glass pool fencing.


Glassandmirror agents are available for assistance when installing your DIY Frameless Glass Railing Spigot System.


For an Indoor Glass Railing

Most of interior glass railings sit on hardwood, marquetery, plywood or faux wood. In all cases, it’s all the same: spigots are easy to install.

Unbelievably easy.

In fact, all you need to fasten one spigot to your room floor (along with your drill, of course) is four lag head screws, 3/8” (10 mm) to ½” (12 mm) head size, anywhere from 1-3/4” (44 mm) to 2-1/2” (64 mm) long.

These sizes all fit spigot clamps and can easily be found for a few bucks at your local hardware store, down the street, like a Home Depot in Canada or an Ace Hardware in the United States.

Normally, you want your spigots set over wooden beams underneath your floor. Just drill in holes where you want your clamps installed – you can use the clamps as a drilling guide! Screw in the spigot, and there we have it! Repeat this easy operation for each bracket.

Here’s how a mounted spigot looks like.

Glassandmirror Staircase Glass Railing

For an Outdoor Glass Railing

Whether your glass fence is indoors or outdoors really does not make a difference for hardware selection. High quality steel spigot clamps are the way to go in each case.

There is a slight adjustment to make, though, if your railing is for a wooden deck or used as a pool fence, for example. In other words, spigot installation will differ a tad whether your glass sits on wood or concrete.

For a wooden deck or staircase, it’s the same as if you would install an indoor glass railing. Follow the same steps: Get lag head screws, drill holes, screw in spigots. That simple.

For a pool fence, or deck or staircase railings sitting on concrete, you might need the help of a handyman. Fastening spigots for such fences involves concrete drilling. If this is your first time, you can learn how to do it yourself with a concrete drilling guide.

Here’s how mounted spigots look like outdoors.

Have you noticed how they’re all stainless steel? That’s because we do not recommend matte black brackets for your exterior railing. Painted clamps will suffer from bad weather over time, whereas stainless steel, which is just as good looking, keeps its neat appearance with little to no maintenance.

Speaking of appearance…


Stainless steel and matte black are the two colors you can choose from for your frameless spigot railing system, depending on the style of your room. As we just mentioned, stainless steel is the way to go for your exterior glass fence.

But color is not the only parameter you can modify to customize the general looks of your glass railing according to your specific needs.

The beauty of a frameless spigot railing system is that it requires no glass drilling. Glass panels are inserted in the spigots instead of being fixed in them. That way, if ever you miscalculate your spigot location, you can always remove the glass, uninstall the brackets and swiftly start over – no harm done.

Also, spigots are adjustable. Clamp design allows for angled horizontal insertion of 10 to 12 mm thick glass. That feature comes in particularly convenient for staircases! Just be wary of not chafing corners on the ground when inserting your panels.

If your floor or soil is a bit out of plumb, do not worry. You can lift the brackets by tightening or loosening the screws up to a 10 mm spigot inclination, thanks to an innovative allen key adjustment system to level the glass to any uneven surfaces. No pre-drilled glass holes are required to facilitate installation and measurement processes.

This sums up pretty much all there is to know about your frameless railing spigot system installation. Simple, ain’t it?

You can even use spigots for your staircase’s frameless glass railing. Learn more about that.

Like we said earlier, the challenge for home glass fences is more with glass measurements than with hardware selection and installation.

But spigots can help with panel measurements, too! Here’s the trick.


Enclosed Fence

Most popular pool glass fence type, fully surrounding an inground pool.


U-Shaped Fence

Ideal for pool decks or inground pools directly annexed to your home.


L-Shaped Fence

For cornered inground pools.


Inline Fence

The simplest frameless glass pool railing system, for pools enclosed between three walls.


One way to counter verify glass dimensions is to use a bracket to visualize where the glass edges will land in your railing fence setup, prior to getting your glass order delivered on your doorstep.

That’s why you can get a spigot sample before your glass panels are sent to production. This way, not only can you make sure the color you ordered really matches your environment, you can also double check and approve measurements with Glassandmirror technicians. Like they say: Measure twice, cut once!

Trickiest part concerns the spigot square base. For railings sitting a wooden surface, you should leave a minimum of 2 inches of room from each of your fence opening for your spigot installation. In other words, substract 4 inches from your opening measurements to get your total glass panel width.

For fences installed on concrete, make that 6 inches, or 3 inches for each opening edge. You don’t want concrete to crack underneath the surface when you fasten you screw your spigots in the ground.

If this sounds like a lot to process, don’t worry, we have a detailed installation guide for you.

As for your hardware, here is all you really need to know…


High quality steel spigot clamps are easy to install, customizable and delivered to your home with your glass order. All these reasons make a frameless spigot railing system the way to go for stylish AND sturdy indoor glass railings or outdoor railings such as pool or deck fences.

  • Color:

    • Stainless Steel (304 for Interior / 2205 for Exterior)
    • Matte Black (Interior Use Only)
  • Installation:

    • Lag Head Screws, 3/8” (10 mm) to ½” (12 mm) head size, 1-3/4” (44 mm) to 2-1/2” (64 mm) length
    • Horizontal and Vertical Adjustment
    • For 10 to 12 mm thick glass
    • Spigot Base: Leave a 2 inch Space from Opening Edge for Wood Installation; 4 inches for Concrete Installation
  • Delivery:

    • Included with Glass Railing Order, Delivered at Home
    • Spigot Sample Available

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